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Refund Policy for Myanmar Visa






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(14th August 2018) The companies need to re-register with MyCo online system within 6 months. If not, the company can be closed down. Be aware of filling the form with the correct information as it can be sentenced to 7 years jail. The followings are the mostly frequently asked questions in filling the form.

You can contact us at 09455204020 and email us at

(24th July 2018) In preparation for the commence of the Myanmar Companies Law 2017, the establishment of the Myanmar Companies Online (MyCO) electronic registry system, the company affairs divisions of the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration will be temporarily closed from Monday 23rd July 2018 to Tuesday 31st July 2018.
During that time, company registration and filing processes will be temporarily suspended. All company registration and filing processes will re-commence on Wednesday 1 August 2018 under the new electronic registry system, MyCO.

Directorate of Investment and Company Administration



Price, Payment & Refund

Table 1 : Types of Visa, Fees and Duration
Types of Visa Fees Duration

  1. eVisa
    Tourist Visa
S$ 90.72
(US$ 50+20 *)
28 days apply
* US$ 50 = Government Fees
* US$ 20 = Service Charges

Cancellations and Refunds visa service fee is refundable. Please refer to our terms & conditions

Delivery Policy

Your visa will be delivered through email where you will receive following documents :
1. Visa Approval letter - to print out and show to the Airline staff for boarding
2. Visa Approval letter to print out and show to the Immigration officer at entry to Myanmar.

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Tel : +95 9 8623435

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