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(14th August 2018) The companies need to re-register with MyCo online system within 6 months. If not, the company can be closed down. Be aware of filling the form with the correct information as it can be sentenced to 7 years jail. The followings are the mostly frequently asked questions in filling the form.

You can contact us at 09455204020 and email us at

(24th July 2018) In preparation for the commence of the Myanmar Companies Law 2017, the establishment of the Myanmar Companies Online (MyCO) electronic registry system, the company affairs divisions of the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration will be temporarily closed from Monday 23rd July 2018 to Tuesday 31st July 2018.
During that time, company registration and filing processes will be temporarily suspended. All company registration and filing processes will re-commence on Wednesday 1 August 2018 under the new electronic registry system, MyCO.

Directorate of Investment and Company Administration



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Before we headed off to Myanmar, Catriona Mitchell and I found ourselves in a bit of jam. We just found out that the Myanmar embassy in Jakarta was closed for the week (Myanmar Water Festival etc) and we had to be in KL for a day before heading off to Yangon. Then we were given the option of getting our visa on arrival using the services of . To be honest we were apprehensive as we had heard all kinds of stories about difficulties and refusals at the airport. But we didn't have any options as we had to be there on time for the project. Already at KL airport we had to show all our papers for visa on arrival to the airline counter. By the time we landed in Yangon I was geared up for a long battle at immigration - I had a stack of papers ready, and my mobile phone was primed with a string of numbers to call. When I got to the counter, they asked me for my passport and I tried to show them all the documents. However the immigration officer says: "Thank you Sir, but your visas are ready. All we need is your passport".I was so surprised it took me a minute to realize that the people at had arranged everything already long before we landed. We had more hassle at the KL airline counter than at the actual immigration counter in Yangon airport! How smooth is that?


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