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Myanmar Visa web site is maintained by travel professionals and IT professional from Tourism Myanmar Co-op and DPS Co. Ltd. It began operations in 2003 and has been processing some 45,000 visas. It achieved this success through close relationship with government visa departments and the service of its dedicated staff.

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Client’s Comments


Before we headed off to Myanmar, Catriona Mitchell and I found ourselves in a bit of jam. We just found out that the Myanmar embassy in Jakarta was closed for the week (Myanmar Water Festival etc) and we had to be in KL for a day before heading off to Yangon. Then we were given the option of getting our visa on arrival using the services of MyanmarVisa.com . To be honest we were apprehensive as we had heard all kinds of stories about difficulties and refusals at the airport. But we didn't have any options as we had to be there on time for the project. Already at KL airport we had to show all our papers for visa on arrival to the airline counter. By the time we landed in Yangon I was geared up for a long battle at immigration - I had a stack of papers ready, and my mobile phone was primed with a string of numbers to call. When I got to the counter, they asked me for my passport and I tried to show them all the documents. However the immigration officer says: "Thank you Sir, but your visas are ready. All we need is your passport".I was so surprised it took me a minute to realize that the people at MyanmarVisa.com had arranged everything already long before we landed. We had more hassle at the KL airline counter than at the actual immigration counter in Yangon airport! How smooth is that?

Best regards

MyanmarVisa.com is very reliable. We’ve used them numerous times with no issues. Would definitely recommend.

moosewalker – Member

I would also like to add, in case the visa did not go though, I was in touch with the wonderful people at myanmarvisa.com. They assured me they would be able to procure me a visa by the 5th. So if you need any extra help shoot them an email. The staff speaks fluent english, they do not have automated service on their phone line and they are quick to respond to emails. Good luck and have wonderful travels.
Good news is that this WORKED!!!!! I paid an express fee and hand all the documentation within 5 business days. These guys really saved my holiday and can’t be more thankful. They were excellent!

RenaeG76 – Melbourne

I am so happy- you are a miracle worker
Thank you very much!!

Alycia Draper

Thanks for your reply. We thank you for your wonderful assistance.
Thank you

Saw Johnathan Tin

I would like to thank you for all your help to get the VOA for Mr. Urs.
He confirmed that all went well and fast.

Best regards,
Sybille Bollmann

I am very impressed how helpful and efficient you have been with processing the visa. It's be a pleasure dealing with you at this end of the emails.
All the best and look forward to visiting Myanmar

Many thanks
Ms jane ballantyne

Thank you very much for the visa. I am really happy with your efficiency.


Appreciate your kind support.
Will get back to you in case of any support required.

Warm Regards
Sreevisakh K L

Thanks for good help in getting my visa. I am now in Yangon, and everything worked out fine.

Yours, Terje

We would like to thank you for the perfect organization of the journey we did in Myanmar between December 6th and December 19th and also for the excellent cooperation of yourself and all the members of your team in order to make this trip very successful and unforgettable.

Best regards
Daniel Dumas
Tel 00 33 1 46 20 31 80
Cel 00 33 6 15 64 98 78
Skype: elda.juan

Oh my goodness! So fast! Thank you!
I just noted the 28-day limit. Our travel reservations as they are now are for 30 days (arrive 07 July, depart 05 August). Is it possible to stay 2 extra days or will we have to change that?

Thanks very much -

Thank you very much for your excellent service! We are looking forward visiting your beautiful country, and we will do our homework in terms of getting ourselves familiar with the local do and don'ts.
See you soon at your office to pick up the 30 USD!
Have a nice day!

Best Regards,

My husband and I had the most beautiful experience in your amazing country. We found the visa application straightforward and can't wait to visit again As with most holiday experience s it is the people you meet that make it special. We met some of the most beautiful, kind, happy, people we have ever come across in all our extensive traveling.Thank you so much for allowing us to experience your beautiful country.

Kind regards,
Mary & Thomas Cornforth

My Myanmar Visa application worked very fine, I received it only one or two days after submitting my application.

Best regards
Andreas Dobrescu

The process to apply for visa was very easy and website was easy to use. Good experience.

Thanks and regards
Daniel Langner