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Welcome to Myanmar

MyanmarVisa.com aims to facilitate visitors coming to Myanmar to get Visa on Arrival through an online service. Established in 2003, MyanmarVisa has processed more than 40,000 applications online. MyanmarVisa.com is also the most discussed site on Trip Advisor and ThornTree travel forum of Lonely Planet travel web site with regards to Myanamr Visa.

Types of Visa Fees Duration  

  1. Normal Tourist Visa
S$ 97 (75 USD) 28 days
  1. Normal Business Visa
S$ 123.75 (95 USD) 70 days
  1. Express Business Visa
S$ 159.26 (123 USD) 70 days

What does it mean for you?

If you are coming to Myanmar, you do not have to worry about getting Myanmar Visa as you can get it on Arrival. This is a special procedure by the Immigration Department called Pre-arranged Visa on Arrival . This will save you the hassle of getting a visa sticker on your passport. You no longer have to go to a Myanmar Embassy or send your passport by post.

We at MyanmarVisa.com will help you check if you are eligible for Visa on Arrival. It is very important that you check your supporting documents before you travel to Myanmar otherwise you will be deported on the plane you came in if your credentials are not accepted.

There are 3 Steps for you to complete the application of Pre-arranged Visa on Arrival :
1. Fill Online Form (Name And Email)
2. Fill Online Form (Your Detail)
3. Make Payment. Either via Credit Card (or) Bank Transfer.

Start Step 1 : Fill Name and Email.

Myanmar Time



Before we headed off to Myanmar, Catriona Mitchell and I found ourselves in a bit of jam. We just found out that the Myanmar embassy in Jakarta was closed for the week (Myanmar Water Festival etc) and we had to be in KL for a day before heading off to Yangon. Then we were given the option of getting our visa on arrival using the services of MyanmarVisa.com . To be honest we were apprehensive as we had heard all kinds of stories about difficulties and refusals at the airport. But we didn't have any options as we had to be there on time for the project. Already at KL airport we had to show all our papers for visa on arrival to the airline counter. By the time we landed in Yangon I was geared up for a long battle at immigration - I had a stack of papers ready, and my mobile phone was primed with a string of numbers to call. When I got to the counter, they asked me for my passport and I tried to show them all the documents. However the immigration officer says: "Thank you Sir, but your visas are ready. All we need is your passport".I was so surprised it took me a minute to realize that the people at MyanmarVisa.com had arranged everything already long before we landed. We had more hassle at the KL airline counter than at the actual immigration counter in Yangon airport! How smooth is that?


Do you know 8 Myanmar Travel Myths: The Guidebooks got it Way Wrong?

I found them quite true. The writer started :Don’t be scared off by the outdated notion of impossible travel barriers in Myanmar. Myanmar now brings all the amazing experiences without the hassle. My guidebook printed in December 2011 is impossibly out of date. The CNN travel documentary that aired a few weeks ago is factually incorrect. Let me know if you want to add anything.


Email :info@myanmarvisa.com , visa@mail4u.com.mm , magadotravel@gmail.com

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Last Modified : 20 Dec 2013 (HPA)

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