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Myanmar-English Translation Services

Myanmar Translation / Burmese Interpretation Services
Myanmar Visa is offering a full translation service to clients. We provide Business Burmese language courses when the selected candidates arrive in Myanmar and we have a professional translation service for both Business and Enthusiasts. If required we provide translators for Business, Meetings, Events and trade fairs.
MyanmarVisa provide a bilingual service where we provide Translation and Interpretation English into Burmese or Burmese into English. Our translation service is based in Myanmar and is available online.
We offer the following services :

Translation from English to Myanmar and Myanmar to English.
Website Translation
On-site -Interpretation
Sales Brochure translation
Business Presentations
Employment Contracts
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Our Process—– Translation
Each translation project included the following steps
1. Document Analysis and quote — we review the document for word count and technical nature .
2. We quote for our service and request 50% payment in advance
3 . A translator is assigned
4. Editing and proof reading the translated document is carefully reviewed ,edited and proofread for accuracy
5. Formatting and delivery the document is delivered in the requested format.
Our process ———– Interpretation
1. We receive a brief of what type of interpretation is required, the time involved and the number of interpreters required
2. We supply and reach agreement on our quotation
3. The interpreters conduct scheduled in-person interpretation at client locations
Burmese is spoken and used by as an administrative language in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). Even though, the constitution refers this language as the language of Myanmar, but English speaking community still believes that the language is only Burmese.
We have a qualified team of native Burmese translators who understand the main job of translation as to get the message across. It has to make sense and we make sure the message is well understood.
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Burmese Visa Translation
Burmese Business Letters and Official Documents Translation
Burmese Passports Translation
Burmese Medical Records Translation
Burmese Marriage Certificates Translation
Burmese Immigration and Naturalization Papers Translation
Burmese Financial Records Translation
Burmese Driver's Licenses Translation
Burmese Customs' Documents Translation
Burmese Birth Certificates Translation
Burmese Academic Transcripts Translation
Burmese Academic Records Translation
Burmese Medical Terminology Glossaries Translation
Burmese Patient Package Inserts Translation
Burmese Patient Instruction Manuals for Medical Devices Translation
Burmese Regulatory approval letters Translation
Burmese Flyers / Pamphlets Translation
Burmese Posters & Advertisements Translation
Burmese Quality of Life Questionnaires Translation
Burmese Medication usage instruction manuals Translation
Burmese Patient Diary Translation of Patient Brochures Translation
Burmese Patient Information Sheet/Informed Consent Form Translation
Burmese Simultaneous Interpretation
Burmese Linguistic Validation
Burmese Transcription
Burmese Typesetting and Graphics
Burmese Voiceovers and Subtitling
Burmese Multicultural Marketing
Burmese Document Management
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If you need quality Myanmar (Burmese) translation service by the professional translators/writers for your project(s), we have Professional Translation Team Many of them have Master degrees in English.
Many have traveled and lived in foreign countries, who understand better on Myanmar (Burmese) and English expressions and usage.
Some of them have interpretation experiences for government and corporate executives.
Many of them have translation experiences for several years.
Competitive Rates 1 Standard Page (non-technical) 4 US$
1 Standard Technical Page 12 US$ Contact us.
Payment by Cash Credit Card, TT/ Paypal, Bank Transfer
50% advance with firm order.
Our normal delivery time is 5 working days from firm order. Our rates for translation are negotiable depending on the volume of the project. Please email us for a quotation:
If you are translating some important documents, it is also possible that our translations be authenticated by any of the following institutions and there will be some additional fees.
British Council, British Embassy, Yangon (Rangoon) or
Consular Section, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yangon
Notary Public Lawyer
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165, 35th st. Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel : +959 8623435
Tel/Fax : +951 381200
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Viber : +959 5150660
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