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Yangon - Hanoi - Yangon flights are launched

Starting from 02 March 2010, a direct flight between Yangon and Hanoi is launched for the benefit of both Myanmar and Vietnam. All the tourists from Vietnam can now fly directly to/from Yangon-Vietnam by Vietnam Airline. The flight leaves on every Tuesdays, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Yangon to Hanoi Flight No : VN700 ETD: 19:10

Hanoi to Yangon Flight No: VN701 ETA: 18:10

Contact us at :   Ph: +95-1-381200

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May 18, 2010


Source from: Messenger Journal (May 18, 2010)

Yangon to Bagan Express Train

Starting from 1 March 2010, Yangon to Bagan express train is being started running.

ETD : 4pm   ETA : 8am

Price : USD 50

Book at

Union of Myanmar Travel Association
Travel News

Subject:    : Inle Orchids' Images

We would like to inform you that Myanmar Hotelier Association (Taunggyi Zone) and Union of Myanmar Travel Association will held "Inle Orchid's Images Festival" in May Haw Nann Hotel, Nyaung Shwe from 3rd April to 5th April 2010.

More than 200 species will be displayed at the festival. There will be one main showroom and 4 township showrooms with traditional food, traditional dance by Shan, Danu, Taungyoe, Palaung, Intha, Lishaw & Larhu tribes and traditional items.

Union of Myanmar Travel Association

Japan visa can be applied easily if required documents are complete

The reason of difficulty to get a Japan visa is that people usually apply with a fake or false document. A Japan Embassy check thoroughly up family member list and nationality card and makes sure the fact if a person is just visiting but not staying in Japan.

[Source: Flower News] 

An agreement between Myanmar and Bangladesh to build Asian highway net work

 On 2nd February Myanmar and Bangladesh had signed an Agreement to build a net work of Asian highway. Further procedures concerning to cooperate at the project of Asian highway net work is still discussing.

[Source: Flower News]  

Ngwe Saung Hotels are hoping to get more guests at Thingyan festival

During Thingyan festival more local guests always come to Ngwe Saung every year. People from Ngwe Saung hope that this year will not change the numbers of on coming visitor to Ngwe Saung.

[Source: Flower News] 

The amount of 3000 million barrels crude oil can be still dug out from Myanmar Coastal Area

International technicians have made a prediction that about 3000 million barrels crude oil can be dug out from Myanmar coastal area alone. Oil fields through out Myanmar which are still producing oil are Chauk, Shwe Pyi Tha, Ye Nan Chaung, Mann, Pyay, Myan Aung, and Ye Tagon. Those oil fields produce annually the amount of 7.5 million barrels.

[Source: Flower News]

Every person who has experiences in Hotel Business can get a higher position

Even without any degree or diploma, a person who has experiences in hotel industry can be employed at a higher rank in the International Hotel Business. In the International hotel business the subjects of Hospitality, Culinary&Tourism are really useful. So every year the numbers of persons learning to these subjects are increasing over the world.

[Source: Flower News] 

Myanmar marine products are expanding to Russia foreign market

It is a plan of expanding Foreign market. Russia is also interesting to buy marine products such as sea fishes, shrimps and other marine products. To make a trading between two countries as soon as possible, the process of mutual agreements and meetings are on the run.

Source: Flower News]

Areas for parking cars are still building up

At  Present, permitted parking areas are former Lahapyin Zay area, the place at the corner of Thein Phyu street and Bandoola Road, CAt compound and Commerce and Agriculture head office at Pansodon.

[Source: Flower News] 

Tour-guide without licence will be penalized with more charges

An authority from the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism said that a plan is in the offing to fine tour guides, working in the Tourism business who do not have a valid tour guide licence. The present punishment for this charge is a fine of 50000 kyats and 2 year in jail or both.

[Source: Flower News]

MWD is now broadcasting two new digital channels

From 1st February MWD is launching two new digital channels MWD2, MWD3 and current channel MWD1. Formerly MWD1 was broadcasted by analog system and now broadcasting with digital system.These new channels can be received in Yangon area with MRTV4digital receivers. During testing period of 5 months these new channels can be watched as free of charges channels. MWD2 programs include Myanmar movies and MWD3 will show programs of entertainment.

[source: Flower News]

A new sort of Life Insurance will be launched in this year

Myanmar Insurance Association is planning to launch a new sort of Life Insurance soon.  

Everyone who wants to advertise at the bus stop can contact YCDC

Everyone who wants to build a shelter at the bus stop and make advertising upon it needs to get permission at YCDC. At the approved area a shelter can be built up for commuters and the builder of that property can advertise upon it and fees for advertising need not to pay at YCDC.

[Source: Flower News]

TB patients who has taken TB killer pills f or 14 days are not contagious

A researcher from the department of medical research said that a patient who has contracted TB is not transmitting viruses if that patient took 14 days TB treatment and TB killer pills. Some people worry being contracted TB disease so that some patients are getting neglected in a place.  That is why those patients might get or feel lonely and depressive and even can become an abusive person.

[Source: Flower news]

 To get better memory

If a person takes a short sleep of 90minutes at daytime, the brain will be healthier and the quality of memorizing things will become higher said a researcher from the research department of Haifa University.

[Source: Flower News]

 Myanmar is still 2nd place at Beans Export/.

In the world the first exporters of Beans are Canada, Myanmar, Australia, US, and China. A few years ago Myanmar became 2nd place at Beans export. 2001-2001 Myanmar exported nearly one million tons of bean all over the world. It is result of Government's well support.

[Source: Flower news]


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