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Myanmar visa in London

Mailing Address : Myanmar Embassy Visa Section
Address : 19A, Charles Street,Mayfair,London, W1J 5DX

Obtaining a Myanmar visa from London by post
Download and fill in the form. Need 1 application forms
2 Passport Photo's
Passport with validity at least 6 months and enough blank papers for stamps.
A self addressed stamped envelope (an SAE) ( registered to be on the safe side )
A Post Order made payable to Myanmar Embassy For £14 (No Cash)
Myanmar Embassy is now taking cheques as of 11.11.11
Although not mandatory, bring Air tickets, Hotel books and Invitation letters if their is any.
Embassy Hours :
Embassy Open Hours Monday to Friday 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Visa Application Time 10:00 AM to 01:00 PM
You can enter Myanmar on the Visa up to 3 months from date of issue.
Direction : Walk through Shepherd market off Piccadilly and onto Charles st. See Map
Processing Time : About 7 Days.
If You don't live in London; a return train ticket plus the time lost would be more than the £8.
Q. Place of Birth :My passport says place of birth Hammersmith - do i have to be that specific or will London do?
A. London will do.
Q. Occupation - has 3 lines plus tel: - is it ok to just give job title?
A. Just one word e.g Student, Doctor, Teacher, Employee, Businessman but never Journalist / Reporter.
Q. Has anyone ever sent application by mail? and post?
A. I took everything to the post office and paid £10.80 (£5.40 x2) for registered post. They put the
appropriate stamps, etc. on each envelope and then everything gets tracked both ways.
I was able to see that the embassy received my envelope on 1/11 and the sae was posted by them
pm on 9/11, delivered to mine 11/11 - I actually picked up and signed for at post office 12/11.
Job done. It took a further two weeks before the cheque was banked.

Example of Visa sticker

Myanmar Visa

Contacting any Myanmar embassy either by phone or by mail usually ends up in fruitless results. Just turn up at the embassy in the morning with all your paperwork + passport photo. Your application will be accepted and processed immediately (Usually within 10 days). If London is too far for you to go you can organise a 'pre-arranged visa' 23 Jan 2012

I wrote Myanmar Embassy an email about the visa, here is a very helpful reply...

Dear Sir/Madam

You can apply for an entry visa at our Embassy either in person or with a rep. (no appointments needed) or you can post it to the Embassy of the Union of Myanmar, 19A, Charles Street, London, W1J 5DX. The Embassy is open every weekdays between 10am and 1pm for visa applications. No on-line applications can be processed at the moment. If you are applying by post, please make sure you use a secure or recorded service and you also have to provide a pre-paid SAE (self addressed envelope) for the return post. If unable to provide the pre-paid SAE, please ensure that you include enough fee for the return post (we would advise you to use the most secure class of post to avoid any accidental lost). You will need to provide you original passport (valid for at least 6 months), 2 recent passport photos, £14.00 for tourist & £20.00 and 3 passport photos for Social & single entry Business Visa(no coins if applying by post), cheque or postal order made payable to Myanmar Embassy and the completed application form(s). You have to provide 2 copies completed application forms if you are travelling as a tourist and 3 forms if you are an ex Myanmar Citizen or on a business trip. If you are applying for a Business Visa, please provide an invitation letter from the Company or Ministry in Myanmar for the purpose of your Visit. It may take 5 to 10 working days to process your tourist visa application once we receive all the completed forms and accompanying letters. The issued Visa will be valid for 3 months from the date of issue and you may stay up to 4 weeks from the date you enter Myanmar. You can get the application forms from the reception or download it from You can also apply for visa at our Embassy in India, Thailand, Singapore or other countries which may be more convenient for you. It should take 1 to 5 working days for them to process it but processing times may vary.
Note-1: If you are an ex-Myanmar citizen, were born in Myanmar or have a Myanmar citizen as spouse or parent, you will need to apply for a Social-Visit visa (3 photos and £20.00).
Note-2: You may only enter or leave Myanmar Via an International Airport in Myanmar **(No overland entry into Myanmar)**.
Note-3: Disclaimer: The Embassy will not be held responsible for any lost or delayed documents and other items sent in post.
Note-4: Visa on arrivals MAY be obtained and for more information on this please contact or
Note-5: Please check if the destination you wish to travel to is a restricted area first as we may not be able to help you do that on individual basis.
For any further inquires, please contact 0044 (0)207 499 4340 ext 221/222/224/240 for Visa Section.
With regards,
Myanmar Embassy London,
19A Charles Street,
W1J 5DX,

Embassy of The Union of Myanmar

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