New air-con RBE on Yangon – Nay Pyi Taw route

For better travelling in Yangon/Nay Pyi Taw/Yangon trip Myanmar Railway is arranging to run new air-con RBE at the end of this year, per source of MR.

Currently, MR (Yangon) has submitted report to Nay Pyi Taw (Head Office) and after getting permission, train schedule and ticket fair will be announced.

” On 20 December, MR officers will drive a test run Yangon/Nay Pyi Taw/Yangon and study timings and route situation. On the trial runs, no passengers allowed. According to schedule, leave Nay Pyi Taw on Fri and Yangon on Sun, the test will start,” said Officer U Aung Kyaw of Mechanic/transportation of MR.

MR has developed more than the past and with the connection with international, as an upgrade procedure, the past-used train coaches will be installed air-con within this year, per source of MR’s announcement.

The present 100,000 commuters use circular trains per day in Yangon ;within 20 years Japan will mainly aid for about 3 million Yangonites to use circular train daily.

In 2040, Ministry of Railway will extend five new railway lines in Yangon and so there will be eight railway lines in total and total railway line will be 350 kilo meters in length.

Source : Traveller (From Sept 21 to Sept 27 )Vol 3, No 15

Second tender call for Pazuntaung Railway Station Development Project

Although Myanma Railway has invited tender to local and foreign companies to operate with BOT system at Pazuntaung Railway Station Compound via State owned media, no bidder submitted for it.

The tender covers bout 2.73 acre in south and north between bridge walls of Pazuntaung Railway Station Compound and beside Upper Pazuntaung Road, Pazuntaung Township. It is a tender invitation for Pazuntaung Railway Station area development project.

” NVe invited tender in April. But no tender application was received. So we invite tender again with closing time on 16 November, 2015,” said an officer from MR.

Application form is available at Supply Department, MR at Ks 500,000 starting from 6 Sep 2015 and it has to be sent back not later than 16 Nov, 2015. Late application will not be considered.

Among the applications, entrepreneurs who are complied with procedures will be selected for prologue and invited for tender procedures.

According to transparency management, renting land procedure and business procedure have been underway for good income since 6 June 2014 systematically.

Continuously, from third week of June, 2014, EOI has been invited for 24 routes of Myanmar rail and to be effective measurement, it is carried outafter hiring commercial and legal consultants.

Source : Traveller (From Sept 21 to Sept 27 )Vol 3, No 15

Earlier priority project to list Myanmar Intangible Cultural Heritage to submit UNESCO

The earlier project to list Myanmar intangible cultural heritage is very essential and it will be operated as an important process, learnt from Ministry of Culture.

Ministry of Culture with the corporation of UNESCO carried out the foundation of high quality conservation process, “Road Map” of intangible cultural heritage for preservation, collecting information, ratification of intangible cultural heritage by local authorities, management, practical survey and regulation for intangible cultural heritages, it is learnt.

The forth workshop for Intangible Cultural Heritage was held at Taung Gyi Hotel, Shan State on 141h September, 2015 by Ministry of Culture with the assistance of UNESCO and Norway Government’s fund. U Aye Myint Kyu, Union Minister for Culture delivered speech at the workshop.

The first workshop was held in Nay Pyi Taw on 25-26 November, 2013; second in Mandalay on 19– 24 May in 2014; third in Inle Lake on 27t” October to 3rd November in 2014 respectively.

Source : Traveller (From Sept 21 to Sept 27 )Vol 3, No 15

City Square Hotel project and Sule Shangri-La Hotel extension project nearly to be completed

sule-shangri-la hotel

It is hoped that City Square Hotel Project being constructed at the corner of Shwedagon Pagoda Road and Bogyoke Aung San Road (former Open Market), Papaetan Township, Yangon Region to conclude in May, 2017, per source of Hotels and Tourism Ministry. Such hotel project includes 25-floor-hotel business, 23-floor-office tower, 28-floor-service apartment and shopping mall. Moreover, Sule Shangri-La Hotel extension is hoped to conclude in June 2016, per source of Hotels and Tourism Ministry.

The project has car parking to facilitate 550 cars and 210 rooms and offices and shopping centres.Alien countries come to invest in hotel sector and Hotels and Tourism Directorate grants permits through Myanmar Investment Commission if they are consistent with the rules and regulations.

Foreign business people eye on hotel construction any the existed hotels become to extend construction.Hotels and tourism sector has 46 projects from nine countries within the whole year of 2014 and local has reached 1106 hotels.

The coming extended hose sector is involved not only from local but also foreign. Hotels have high standard to serve foreigners though they are not five or four stars hotels.

Source : Traveller (From Sept 21 to Sept 27 )Vol 3, No 15

An ASEAN Culture and Information Committee meeting to nominate Bagan as World Heritage at UNESCO


An ASEAN Culture and Information Committee meeting will be held in Bagan from 21 to 24 September 2015. The meeting will be attended by archaeological preservation experts, management experts and representatives from ASEAN Secretary General Office and UNESCO consultants, per source of Ministry of Culture.

The main themes of the meeting are: to nominate Bagan to UNESCO list, to conserve Bagan cultural heritages and the current preservation and conversion matters and natural management about natural disaster. Bagan needs to meet technical norms, have correct management system, and to be political and cultural fitting. So that it is certain for Bagan to be nominated in the World Heritage list.

As Bagan is one of the tour destinations in Myanmar, international tour sector will develop. As there is no space for travel and tour development building construction and if it is transformed into Protect Zone, it is uncertain for the result.

It has six months for Master Plan drawing and UNESCO has urged for no construction. After Master Plan is approved, the next step is to set up zone and two years later, it is said to submit Management Plan.

Draft including heritage name list, heritage description, explanation about heritage, maintenance and facts about damaged part, preservation to proposed heritage, conservation, evidence and conducted organization and signing for confirmation has submitted to UNESCO.

While managing to be World Heritage listed region, to heighten national spirit, to accept technical and financial aids due to UNESCO listed region, to bloom tour sector and to get local job opportunity are aimed to operate for UNESCO listed region.

Source : Traveller (From Sept 21 to Sept 27 )Vol 3, No 15

Domestic Airlines

Air Bagan 01-513322,913422,513411
Air Mandalay 01-502520, 505488, EXT-610-4
Air Kanbawza 01-372977-80
Asian Wings Airways 01-516654,527404,532253
Yangon Airway 01-383218, 383100, 383127
Myanma National Airline 01 -378603
Golden Myanmar Airline 01-8604035-8, 09-400447999
Mann Yadanarpon Airlines 01-656969

Emergancy Call Number Yangon
Crime 119
Police Force 01-29602,01-376166,01-645824
Ambulance 01-383684
Yangon General Hospital 01-384493-94

East Yangon General
Hospital 01-2300502-836

West Yangon General
Hospital 01-222860-861

Private Hospital/Clinic
Asia Royal 01-538055-503261
Shwe Gone Ding 01-543278-554412
Baho Si 01-2300502-631
Thuka Kabar 01-500100-505200

Emergency Phone Number Mandalay
Crime 199
Police Force 061-29602, 02-376166, 02-64584
Ambulance 02-383683
Mandalay General Hospital 02-39032-55059

Private Hospital/ Clinic
Pan Hlaing 02-64029-61561
Parapike 02-74808

Emergency Phone Number Bagan/Nyaung Oo
Tour Police Force 061-29602, 061-376166, 061-645824
Ambulance 061-383684

Source : Traveller (From Aug 31 to Sept 6 ) Vol 3, No 12

Travelling Guide

Yangon Hotel & Guest House
1 Best Western Green Hill Hotel
No.12, Phoe Sein Road,Tamwe Township,Yangon Ph – 01 209299, 01 209300, 01 209343

2 Taw Win Garden Hotel
No.45, Pyay Road, Yangon Ph – 01 8600080,

3 Royal White Elephant Hotel
No.11, Kan Street, Hlaing Township, Yangon Ph – 01 500822, 01 503986

4 Chan Myae
No.256/276,3rd Floor, Maha Bandoola Garden Street, Kyauktada Township
Ph – 09 73027373, 01 382022

5 Millennium Hotel
Nq.7, 54th Street (Close to Strand Road),Botataung Township,Yangon
Ph – 01 299024, 01 9010479, 01 9010480

6 Hotel K Yangon
No.190/194, Pansodan Road (Middle Block),Kyauktada Township,Yangon
Ph – 01 373904, 01 391770, 01 391772

Mandalay Hotel & Guest House
1 Motel Shwe Pyi Thar
No.38, Beside Mandalay Pyinoolwin road,Between 31 and 32,Chan Aye Tha San Township, Mandalay
Ph – 02 274410

2 Shwe Phyu Hotel
64th Road, Between 39 and 40,Maha Aungmyay,- Mandalay Ph – 02 71367

3 M3 Hotel
No. 108, 26st Street,Between 82 and 83,Aungmyay Tharzan Ph – 02 67171, 67172, 65526

4 TT One Hotel
No.92 A,Yadanabon Street,57st Street,Between 25 and 26, Mandalay
Ph – 09 25854672, 09 258584675

Nay pyi taw Hotel & Guest House
1 Hotel Nwe Tha Ki
20 A/20 B, Hotel Zone, Shwe Pyi Taw Win Road,Dekkina Thiri
Ph – 8106137-66, 8106152

2 Royal Kumudra
10,Hotel Zone,Yarza Thingaha Road,Dekkina Thiri Ph – 067 414177, 420759-65

3 Zabu Thin
8, Hotel Zone, Yarza Thingaha Road,Dekkina Thiri Ph – 067 422042,422044

4 Yadanar Theingha
6,Hotel Zone, Yarza Thingaha Road,Dekkina Thiri Ph – 067 421911, 421922

5 Hotel ACE
Hotel Zone, Yarza Thingaha Road,Dekkina Thiri 067 434041,434042

Yangon Clinics & Hospital
1 Asia Royal
No (14), Boho Road, Sanchaung Township Ph-01530055, 01-537296

2 Academy
No (335), Lower Kyee Myin Daing Road Corner or Ahlone Road,Near of Traffic Light Ph-01-21288

3 30 Street Clinic
No (191)/193,G Floor,30 th street upper Block/ Pabetden Township Ph-01203464,01-203463

4 Victoria Hospital
No (68) Tawwin Street, 9 mile, Mayangone Tow-ship, Yangon. Phone – 01 9666141

Mandalay Clinics & Hospital
1 Maw riya (Traditional Clinic)
119,75 St, Bet, 32-33 St, Chan Aye Thar Zan Township, Ph – 01 33570 , 02-65336

2 Aung Yadanar
31 Stret, Between 76-77 Street, Chan Aye Thar Zan Township, Mandalay Ph-0274860

3 Aye Yeik Tha
340, Shwe Ba Tha St, Uper Block, Ward (8), PBDN Ph – 02 253986, 01 – 383382

4 Chan Nyein Aung Hospital
No.115, 74 Street, Between 27 & 28 Streets. Chan Aye Thar San Township.
Chan Aye Thar San Township. Ph-, 02-728 85, 728 86, 728 87

Travels & Tours (Yangon)
1 Oriental Century Travels & Tours
No.40,First Floor,Ye Gyaw Street, Pazundaung Township,Yangon
Ph – 09 73107324

2 Mandalay Charm
No.226,Ground Floor, 38th Street,Kyauktada Township,Yangon
Ph – 01 242129, 01 256672

3 Wazo
Room 8D, Penthouse floor,Building No.24/26,South Race Course St, Race Course Condominium, Tamwe Township,Yangon
Ph – 01 542725, 01 401388,01 401206
4 Coastal Beauty Travels & Tours
No.79,Ground Floor,Ahlone Township,Yangon Ph – 01 2302031, 09 799681699
5 Hillstep Town
Build 140,5 Floor,Sinn 0 Dan St,Upper Block,Latha Township Ph – 09 260148577,09 260148566
6 Scenery Myanmar Travels & Tours
No.225,1st Floor(Right),37th Street (Upper),Kyauktada Township,Yangon
Ph – 01 254698,09 252221990
Travels & Tours (Mandalay)
1 Dynamic Myanmar Travel Co.,LW
23/10, Between 29 and 30,Between 71 and 72,Thukhitar Ward,Chan Aye Thar Zan
Ph – 09 43095099, 09 420042404

2 San Yadanar Travel
37,Between 41 and 42,Between 83 and 84,Mahar Aung Myay
Ph – 02 35978, 09 2016264, 09 2018625

3 Mahar Galore Min
No.Ta/4, Between 18 and 19, 62 Road,Between Thazin and Ngu Pyar Road,Myo Thit 1 Road,Mandalay Ph – 09 2024762, 09 91000252

4 Golden Mother River Travels & Tours
Da.7,Between 59 and 62,Seinyadanar Street,Between 38 and 39,Between 64 and 65,Mahar Aungmyay,Mandalaly Ph – 02 72074,09 2010518

Yangon Highway Bus
Nan Htike San (09 73072228)
Manyarzar (09 8616217)
Hein Myat Moe (01-637588)
Shwe Kabar (01 70242)
Tapin Shwe Htee (01 639465)
Tapin Shwe Htee (01 – 639465)
Shwe ( 01 – 249672)

Taung Phyrtan (09 020203040)
New Mandalay Tun (01 703969)
Thit Sar Oo (09 73252984)
Moe Kaung I(in (01 722355)

Yangon-Pyin Oo Lwin
Boss (09 – 250428827-28-29 )
Mhnn Shwe Pyi (02 – 73882)

Yangon-Kyeik Hto
Win (09 – 73207073)
Yoe Yoe Lay (09 – 73254040)
Shwe Sin Sett Kyar (01 637233)
Universal (09 73105032)
Soe Moe Aung (09 8370336)
Yangon-Bagan-Nyaung Oo
Bagan Min Thar (0973238057)
Popa Baza (09 – 5081011)

Mandalay Hinhwav Bus
Yadanarpon (02-615 00)
Yoe Yoe Lay (09 73254040)

Mandalay-Bagan-Naung Oo
Mandalay Min(02-789 91 / 09-680 7272)

Shwe Taung Paw (09 43180005)
Shwe Li Oo (02-697 57)
Mum Thu (09 91049692)

Nay Pyi Taw Highway Bus
Yatanar Aung (09 402585016)
Shove Gabar (09-2023 111)

Mandalay-Moe Gyoke
Moe Gyoke Man (02- 240 78)
Sheshar Nilar (02- 217 37)

Tun Thauk (02-618 86)
Shan Taung Tan(02-606 20 / 02-239 81)

Naypyitaw Hinhway Bus
Nay pyi Taw-Monwya
Kyael Sin Hein
(067-420 5611067-420 967)

Nay pyi Taw -Mandalay
Nga Hnin Mandalay (09-425328113)
Myat Myint Moh (067-381 48)
Shove Man Thu(09-6500 152)
Kyael Sin Hein(067-420 5611067-420 866)
Htet Oo (06738178)
Mandalarmin (09-49245111)

Pyi Taw-Taung Go
Pa Oh Hteit Tan (067-420 866)

N Taw-Yangon
Tapin Shwe Htee (01-639 465)
Hein Mo Moe (01-637 588)
Nan Mike San (09-730 72228)
Elite(067-262 81)
Aung Soe Moe (09-8616984)
Mandalarmin (09-73231000)
Shwe Zin Sabqar (067-421973)

Source : Traveller (From Aug 31 to Sept 6 ) Vol 3, No 12

Six Great Reasons for Myanmar Travelers to Visit Vietnam in October

As monsoon season wraps up, many people in Myanmar long for a break—a vacation to an exotic and exciting destination. For Myanmar people tired of the usual trips, travelling to Vietnam will provide new travelling experiences: an escape to historic cities, scenic views, internationally renowned cuisine, and affordable travel. After landing in Ho Chi Minh City, travelers can also launch onwards to the country’s famous beaches or mountain retreats.


Green and Scenic Views
Over 60 percent of Vietnarn is covered with hills and forests and it’s a great destination to relax and enjoy the landscape. Prominent tourist attractions such as Ha Long Bay—a UNESCO World Heritage Site—Saga in the northwest hills, or Con Dao islands, all offer breath-taking views to Booth the soul.

World Famous Beaches
As Vietnam has over 2,100 miles of coastline, there are many world famous beaches up and down the country to visit. Visitors can try kite surfing in Mui Ne, go snorkelling around the islands in Nha Trang, or relax with a cocktail on the white sand beaches of Da Nang. No matter what, let the waves and sea views relieve all the stress of busy day-to-day life.

Fresh and Tasty Food
Vietnamese food goes beyond pho and spring rolls and varies by regions. Near beaches such as Nha Trang and Da Nang, you can find plenty of fresh seafood caught in the morning and served for dinner at very affordable prices. Vietnamese street food tours are growing in popularity with tourists who want to sample an exciting range of daily cuisine in the big cities. Ranh mi, pho, sticky rice, broken rice with grilled pork, and rice vermicelli with pork pies are just a few of the classics. For coffee-lovers, Vietnam is a haven with French drip coffee that can be found in every single street of Hanois and Ho Chi Minh City. Relax with a cup of black coffee or iced coffee with condensed milk and watch local life go by.

Affordable and Easy
Vietnam known by travellers as offering reasonable prices for hotels, travel, and dining. Even in biggest metropolitan areas like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, there is much to experience at every budget. With sales from Vietjet, flying to Vietnam from Myanmar and around the country just got a lot more affordable.



Convenient for Visa and Flight
Myanmar and Vietnam have agreed for aVisa exemption for Myanmar passport holders for visits under 14 days. As of October 2, Vietjet—one of Vietnam’s leading airlines—will launch direct flights from Yangon to Ho Chi Minh City. Airfare is on sale now, with special discounts from USD 0 for all routes on select dates. The sale is from August 25, 12am. until September 1, 2pm (VN time). Choose Vietnam for your next vacation, fly with Vietjet, and enjoy!

Bagan-Monywa-Mandalay Cruise
Bagan-Monywa-Mandalay cruise trip which run only in September, October and is described for audiences. The trip lasts five nights and six days-The detail of the trip is Bagan-Chindwin for first day. Chwindwin-Pakhangyi-AmyintyViBage will be visited in second day. Third day of the trip will bring audiences to Yannapo village-Mandalay. Monywa-Chindwin is for fourth day of the trip. Fifth day of the trip is Chindwin-Yannapa-Pauktaw Paukmyaing-Mandalay. The last day of the trip is to visit Pauktaw Paukmyaing- Mandalay and it will be ended.For more detail information, please contact Let’s Go Myanmar. The address is No.52(C), Maggin Road, 13th Quarter, YankinTownship, Yangon.Tel: 01562169


Bhamo-Mandalay Cruise
Bhamo-Mandalay Cruise trip which has 277 miles far away and lasts three days and four nights.The detail information of the trip for the first day is to visit Bamaw-Kathar. Second day is Kathar-Hteechaint. Third day is Hteechaint-Kyaukmyaung. Fourth day is Kyaukmyaung-Mingun. Fourth day is Kyaukmyaung-Mingun-Mandalay. For more detail information, please contact Let’s Go Myanmar. The address is No.52(C), Maggin Road, 13th Quarter, Yankin Township, Yangon.
Tel: 01562169

Nay-Bagan-Mandalay Cruise
Pyay-Bagan-Mandalay cruise trip which lasts seven days and eight nights is described for audiences. Detial information of the trip for first day is Pyay-Thayat. Second day is Thayat-Minhla. Third day is Minhla-Magway. Fourth day is Magway-Yaynanchaung. Fifth day is Yaynanchaung-Salay. Sixth day is Salay-Bagan. Seventh day is Bagan- Yannapo and the last day is Yannapo-Mandalay.For more detail information, please contact Let’s Go Myanmar. The address is No.52 (C), Maggin Road, 13th Quarter, Yankin Township, Yangon.
Tel: 01562169


Jade Pagoda In Amarapura-Mandalay-Deedok Blue Water Fall-Pyin Oo Lwin Trip
Tango Travels & Tours is arranging For the pilgrim of the Pagoda made up of
1300 tons of Myanma jade worth over 20 million US Dollars,situated in Amarapura town.During the tour visit silk weaving cottage industries in Amarapura,the Great Maha Myatmuni Image in Mandalay , Deedok Blue Water Lake ,U Pain Bridge, Mahar Ant htu kan Thar Pagoda,National Kandawgyi Garden,Pawe GaukWater fall, Chinese Temple and Sweeter Market.
Please contact for further info; Tango Travels & Tburs,No.41,41h Floor,Sezone Street Sanchaung Township,Yangon.
Price — 990000 Ks
Date — 4 September,2015




Popa-Bagan Trip
Introducing ATTOLLO TRAVELS & TOURS for Popa-Bagan trip to explore Mt. Popa and Bagan pilgrim.The trip covers 2-night/3-day to visit Mt. Popa where nat-spirits enjoying life among the blossom of sagawar flowers, Swel-daw-lay-su pagodas (pagodas with four tooth-relics), famous pagodas in Bagan, fresh toddy-palm juice and jaggery selling huts under toddy-palm trees and handicraft of toddy tree products — baskets, dolls, household utensils, to study toddy-palm culture.Please contact: ATTOLLO TRAVELS & TOURS, 30th Street, Pabedan Township, Yangon.
Price: Ks 110,00
Depart on 11 September, 2015
Telephone: 0932109138

 Source : Traveller (From Aug 31 to Sept 6 ) Vol 3, No 12

ASEAN being promoted-as a single tourist destination to Indian travellers

The ASEAN Promotional Chapter for Tourism (APCT) — India Chapter is promoting ASEAN as a single and collective tourism destination to the Indian audience.

The ASEAN Promotional Chapter for Tourism (APCT) — India Chapter is promoting ASEAN as a single and collective tourism destination to the Indian audience.
ASEAN countries include Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia.
APCT was conceived by the member countries of the ASEAN as part of its efforts to leverage the tremendous tourism potential of the region. Manoharan Periasamy, chairman APCT — India Chapter said, “South East Asia has always been an attractive destination for Indians.
In fact, India has consistently been one of the top 10 tourist generating markets to this region. Last year we had over 102 million visitors to the ASEAN countries and Over three million were from India.” Periasamy is also director, Tourism Malaysia, India.
“Historically Indians have been visiting Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. ASEAN has much to offer with the inherent diversity in terms of peoples, lifestyle, culture, religion and culinary experience, together with the rich natural landscape and deep historical heritage.
Last year Myanmar saw a 50 per cent increase in their tourist arrivals and India was a major contributor to it.
Places like Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos are also fast featuring on the Indian must visit countries list. These are all positive signs for us at APCT,” added Periasamy.
ASEAN recognises the strategic role of the tourism sector in its economic growth and hopes that by 2025, the region will be a quality tourism destination offering a unique, diverse ASEAN experience, and will be committed to responsible, sustainable and inclusive tourism development, so as to contribute significantly to the socio-economic well being of ASEAN people.
Through the APCT, numerous initiatives are being taken to ensure that the tourists get the best during their holidays in the ASEAN region.
Special emphasis is being laid on enhancing product development through regional packages, increase in public awareness of ASEAN products and offerings, facilitation of intra-ASEAN travel, etc. APCT is also identifying ways to standardise and implement a certain level of standard of tourism. Each individual country has been assigned the role of lead coordinators to ensure that the tourists can expect world-class facilities when they visit the South East Asian nations.
Areas like homestay, spa service, security and safety guidelines, clean tourist city standards, community based tourism standards are being finely looked into.
A proposal for an ASEAN Common Visa for non-ASEAN nationals to facilitate business mobility and tourism is in discussion.


In the field of Myanmar culture “laphet” is very important and interested. “Laphat” in the Myanmar word, it is green tea leaf.
There is the Myanmar saying that – mango is the best in fruits, pork is the best in meats, laphet is the best in leaves. (toD;rSmo&uf? tom;rSm 0uf? t&GufrSm vufzuf)
Therefore, people from all walks of life regard laphet as their favourite food. There is a saying that “if one wishes to eat good laphet, the leaf-plucking Palaung must climb the hill slowly” so as to get good quality.
As laphet is grown up on the hillside, growers should climb the hill calmly and pluck the leaves one by one.

According to the historical records, it is learnt that King Alaung Sithu (1113-60 A.D.) of Bagan, who received holy fruit seeds offered by the spirits of the Malayu Island during his sojourn to the eastern countries, gave them to the Palaung national, they received them with both hands (Let Nit Phet).
So these holy fruit seeds have become “laphet” throughout the successive generations up to the present day. Laphet is called “Namet” in the Shan language, “Myant” in the Palaung language.
They grew these seeds, on the soil of Taungpine area in the northern Shan state. Since then, the seeds had grown up and spread out widely through out the hilly regions of the Palaung hill.
According to “Laphet Myittasar” composed by U Ponnya (prominent Myanmar play writer in Konbaung era) the guests coming from far and near had been hosted with betel leaf, tobacco and laphet by ancient Myanmar during their donation cere monies.
The guests had been invited with laphet during donation ceremony before invitation cards were not popular. Once the guest received laphet instead of an invitation card, he must go to the ahlu (donation) without fail.
It was an act showing the response. And also it was a respect between donor and guest reciprocally. When there were the days of invitation with laphet, the day of rice-pounding and the day of mandat (pandal) building during ordination as monk, novitiation and ear-boring ceremonies, the whole village participated enthusiastically.


It was and act of lovely Myanmar traditional culture. And also it was an act to be emulated. Laphet is the product of the hilly region. The hill people cooked laphet on a heated pan and then poured it into hot boiling water which they drink. The plain people drink plain tea without cooking laphet on a heated pan.
“Shwephi Moelut” brand is the best known to the public among many brands of green tea. “Shwephi Moelut” is the green tea which is plucked in advance before the rain season.The hill side people usually climb the hillside and pluck laphet in the months of Taboung and Tagu (March and April).
Laphet stands delicately as the top position in the field of Myanmar traditional culture. Plantation of laphet is the traditional work of the hill people. They plant laphet in groups on the hill side.
There is discipline for them not to pluck its branch but to pluck its sprouts by hands. They have to pluck all the sprouts hurriedly without leaving behind anyone. Laphet already pluck has to undergo the process of being air out and dried in the sun.
Laphet not being dried in the sun is to be transformed into pickled tea leave and processed tea leave for making tea. The Myanmar people mix pickled tea leaves with a variety of fritters to get sweet, sour and hot taste and take it as food.
“Zayan laphet” is the best popular among others.
In olden days the guests paying a visit to house were served not only with betel boxes but also with pots of plain tea together with other ingredients as delicacy.
According to the treatise of indigenous medicine, it is learnt that laphet has medicinal properties, i.e., it prevents thirsty, clears one’s wind, freshens the mouth, clears one’s eye and discharge urine freely.


If one takes laphet too much, he will suffer from flatulence, insomnia and loss of sleep. Therefore, in order to have laphet free from such suffering it is necessary to improve it, i.e., to mix it with lemon juice, tc knead it with salt and finally to squeeze it until it is free from a bitter taste. The East India Company and Bombay Burma Company in the colonial time had transected business with laphet in Myanmar for so many years.
Hence, they had undergone much more experience in trading laphet than the Myanmar nationals.

 Source : Traveller (From Aug 31 to Sept 6 ) Vol 3, No 12

Tourism overhaul essential, says TRSC Agencies would fall under single umbrella

The integration of five tourism-related agencies under the aegis of the National Tourism Policy Committee is expected to improve the overall tourism industry.
The proposal was recently approved by the National Reform Council.
The Tourism Reform Subcommittee (TRSC), which worked on the initiative, believes reform is essential to maintain competitiveness and local residents’ confidence, as the sharp growth in visitor numbers has created a host of problems for local communities.
This year, the World Tourism Organization ranked the overall competitiveness of Thai tourism at 35th among 140 countries and territories worldwide and 10th in Asia-Pacific, with No.1 being the most competitive.


Globally, Thailand’s safety ranking plummeted to 132 out of 140, worse than Lebanon, Iran, Myanmar and the Philippines. (Two years ago, the country ranked 87th.) Its environmental sustainability ranked 116th and land transport services 71st.
“The competitiveness of Thai tourism is on the decline and it’s the right time for an overhaul, especially increasing product and marketing efficiency and dealing with fierce competition,” TRSC president Kongkrit Hiranyakit said.
Chief among the major problems facing Thai tourism are an insufficient number of tourist destinations, while the existing ones are deteriorating, and transportation to and within destinations is not good.
Moreover, facilities and services for tourists are substandard due to the heavy price competition, and tourism personnel lack foreign-language skills.
Mr Kongkrit said topics related to the upgrading of tourist destinations and expanding to tap quality markets had been discussed for a long time, but the goal had been never accomplished.
This is because concerned parties focus on the number of visitors and tourism income rather than the quality of the tourism industry and the distribution of tourism income to communities that own tourist destinations. “Communities and organisations, are disappointed with tourism development because tourist destinations are deteriorating or have deteriorated due to poor management,” he said.

Moreover, benefits do not go to local communities but to investors and business people. Krabi and Phangnga provinces provide good examples.
Phuket boasts many marine tourist destinations, but the lion’s share of tourism revenue goes to investors rather than local residents. If this situation continues, tourism will surely face problems, Mr Kongkrit said.
Major crowded tourist destinations are deteriorating and suffering from social and environmental problems. Among Thailand’s 77 provinces, 85% of Thai and foreign tourists visit only 10 — Ayutthaya, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chon Buri, Krabi, Phangnga, Phuket, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Songkhla and Surat Thani.
Tourism-related state agencies currently work separately, and the Tourism and Sports Ministry, which oversees tourism policy, is facing a shake-up with the Sports Authority of Thailand wanting to go its own way and set up a separate Sports Ministry.
Under the reform plan, Mr Kongkrit said five tourism agencies and state enterprises would have their work integrated and come under the National Tourism Policy Committee.
The five are the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Tourism Department, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration and Pinkanakorn Development Agency.


Source : Traveller (From Aug 31 to Sept 6 ) Vol 3, No 12

France wine country toasted with World Heritage status

Hillsides, houses and cellars of Champagne granted UNESCO World Heritage status Slopes of Burgundy, France, also receive special status (CNN) France’s world renowned wine country was toasted twice Saturday with world heritage status by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. The U.N.’s cultural body bestowed the special status on the historic hillsides and properties where the sparkling wines of Champagne are produced, as well as the famous vineyards that grace the slopes of Burgundy. The designation covers the Champagne hillsides, houses and cellars where “the method of producing sparkling wines was developed on the principle of secondary fermentation in the bottle since the early 17th century to its early industrialization in the 19th century,” UNESCO said in a statement. The vineyards in Hautvilliers, Ay and Mareuil-sur-Ay, Saint-Nicaise Hill in Reims, and the Avenue de Champagne and Fort Chabrol in Epernay bear “clear testimony to the development of a very specialized artisan activity that has become an agro-industrial enterprise,” the statement said.


Rapa Nui (Chile)
Easter Island, or Hanga Roa, is the most remote inhabited island on the planet. Carved from solid basalt between the 13th and 16th centuries, the group of more than 800 massive stone monuments known as moai scattered across the vol canic landscape are the legacy of a Polynesian society that settled here around 300 AD.


Valletta (Malta)
Ruled successively by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs and the Order of the Knights of St. John, which built the city in the 16th century, Valletta is one of the world’s rare urban inhabited sites that’s been preserved near perfectly. Crammed into a tiny fortified peninsula, the site comprises 320 monuments, making it on( of the most concentrated historic areas in the world.


Yellowstone National Park (United States)
For sheer diversity, Yellowstone National Park is among the world’s great natural wonders. Contained within a 9,000-square-kilometer chunk of wyoming, the world’s first national park contains half of the globe’s known geothermal features, and is home to an equally impressive array of wildlife including grizzlies, wolves and bison.


Bagan (Myanmar)
It’s still on the tentative list of sites to be brought into the UNESCO fold. But as Myanmar’s tourism industry expands, Bagan’s profile is gaining prominence. The capital city of the first Myanmar Kingdom, this enormous Buddhist complex on the Irrawaddy River contains more than 2,500 intricate monuments dating to the 10th century.


Goreme National Park and Cappadocia (Turkey)
Sculpted by erosion, the Goreme valley and its surroundings contain rock-hewn sanctuaries that provide unique evidence of Byzantine art in the post-Iconoclastic period. Within the rugged natural landscape, villages and underground towns dating to the 4th century an be observed.


Acropolis (Greece)
Looming over the city of Athens, this ancient Grecian citadel was built in the 5th century BC and continually beautified through the years. Despite being attacked and pillaged by everyone from the Byzantines to the Venetians, the site still stands to provide important insight into Greek mythology.


Petra (Jordan)
Between the Dead Sea and the Red Sea, Petra acted as the capital of the Nabataean caravanning kingdom from around the 6th century BC. Abandoned in the 2nd century AD after an earthquake crippled its water management system, the desert city carved from rose-red limestone remains one of the world’s most important archaeological sites.


Angkor (Cambodia)
Scattered between the twisting roots of the Cambodian jungle, this site dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu contains the remains of Khmer Empire capitals dating from the 9th to the 15th centuries. Among the most fa mous of its 100-strong group of monuments is the Temple of Angkor Wat and, at Angkor Thom, the sculptural Bayou Temple.


Iguazu National Park (Brazil and Argentina)
The spectacular semicircular waterfall that forms the border of Argentina and Brazil spans almost 300 meters in diameter and up to 80 meters in height. It’s home to wild life from neon-winged butterflies to sly caiman to elusive jaguar.


Serengeti National Park (Tanzania)
Located in northern Tanzania and spilling into nearby Kenya, where the conservation area is known as the Masai Mara, this iconic savannah hosts the annual migration of 2 million wildebeest, zebra and gazelle followed by their predators, in search of pasture and water. The phenomenal natural spectacle is the largest remaining animal migration in the world.


Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
Composed of more than 3,000 individual reefs interspersed with more than 600 topical islands, the world’s most extensive coral reef system has been protected since 1981. A 2012 study found that the delicate ecosystem has lost more than half of its coral since 1985 due to a combination of factors including coral bleaching caused by climate change.

Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)
Among the first sites to be listed by UNESCO in the 1970s, this otherworldly archipelago is located in the far reaches of the Pacific Ocean. On top of its bevy of endemic species that have remained unchanged for centuries, the island groups’ location at the confluence of three ocean currents also attracts a diverse array of marine life.


Hampi (India)
Located between emerald banana plantations in eastern Karnataka, the enormous group of monuments that com- prise the former capital of the last great Hindu kingdom of Vijayanagara date to the 14th century. Hampi highlights include elephant stables, Kallina Ratha (Stone Chariot) and towering Virupaksha Temple.


Los Glaciares National Park (Argentina)
Encompassing the largest ice mantle outside of Antarctica, this picturesque southern Patagonian park bordering Chile is one of the best places in the world to observe glacial activity. Its most famous ice mass is the cool blue Perito Mereno Glacier, from which giant icebergs can be observed crashing into the milky turquoise waters of Lake Argentine.


Mont Saint-Michel (France)
On a rocky islet on the coast of Normandy, this fortified village built in the shadow of a Gothic-style Benedictine abbey appears to float on the ocean at high tide. Despite its seemingly unstable sandbank foundations, the picturesque village has survived since the 11th century.

Pyramids of Giza (Egypt)
Comprising the Pyramid fields from Giza to Dahshur, including the majestic Great Sphinx, the Old Kingdom of Egypt was considered one of the seven wonders of the world in Hellenistic times. The dozens of tombs buried in the shadows of the famous pyramids have provided archaeologists a glimpse into one of the world’s most fascinating civilizations.


Sigiriya (Sri Lanka)
A breathtaking sight within the country’s so-called cultural triangle, this ancient Ceylon city is also known as Lion Mountain for the giant clawed feet carved into the granite alongside a staircase leading to the remains of a fortified palace built atop the 370-meter peak. The site also features a series of stunning frescoes and lashings of “Sigiri graffiti,” one of the most ancient texts in the Sinhalese language.


Machu Picchu (Peru)
The sites that comprise Cusco’s Sacred City are spectacular in their own right, but nothing prepares a visitor for sunrise over the Incan city of Machu Picchu. At 2,430 meters above sea level, in the midst of a tropical mountain forest, the 15th-century settlement was among the few Inca sites that wasn’t plundered by Spanish invaders.


TuLum (Mexico)
There are at least 30 Mayan ruins scattered throughout Mexico and Central America. Idyllically situated on a rocky cliff facing the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, Tulum was one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Mayans, managing to survive around 70 years after the Spanish began occupying Mexico in the early 16th century.


Venice and its lagoon (Italy)
Founded in the 5th century and spread over 118 small islands, Venice is an architectural masterpiece in which even the smallest buildings contain works by some of the world’s greatest artists. Italy boasts the most World Heritage Sites of any nation (47). In Burgundy, the vineyard parcels on the slopes of the C6te de Nuits and the Ccte de Beaune, south of the city of Dijon, are “an outstanding example of grape cultivation and wine production developed since the High Middle Ages,” the statement said.In meetings in Bonn, Germany, the World Heritage Committee added other European cultural sites to its world heritage list. They include Christiansfeld, a Moravian church settlement, and the Parforce hunting landscape in North Zealand, both in Denmark; the Diyarbakir Fortress and Hevsel Gardens Cultural Landscape in Turkey.Nominations for heritage status have to meet the UNESCO criteria agreed by member states and include a long-term management plan before they can be scrutinized and judged. The sites are eligible for financial assistance towards preservatinn.The world heritage site list includes 1,022 properties throughout the world.

 Source : Traveller (From Aug 31 to Sept 6 ) Vol 3, No 12

Floods to lessen local pilgrims more than expected


Heavy rains and part of cyclone Komen hit Myanmar in July 2015 and flood occurred in some parts of Myanmar and so the number of pilgrims will be decreased, per source of Local Pilgrims and Tourism Service Association. At present, heavy rain and storm resist any longer and flooded areas become normal. The catastrophic areas are communicated, announced by the Government.

“The number of local travellers depends on Taung Pyone festival. The festival is popular among travellers. Currently, we are unable to expect the number of local travellers. After the Taung Pyonel, we can estimate the figure. Anyway, the number is down more than we expect,” said the Chairman U Myo Gyi of the Association. “During last years, we served travellers with five or more cars. This year, even three cars are scared to get full passengers. It includes flood disaster. Some regular travellers are still considering for trips. Even some spirit necromancers don’t come. This is an evil year for local tourism,” he continued to explain.
Since 2013, local pilgrimage is thriving and local pilgrimage tourism companies offer service competitively and bus plying for pilgrimage has changed with high standard bus. The number of local pilgrims was about 1.1 million in 2010 turning to 3.6 million in 2013.
The Hotels and Tourism Ministry grants tourism license and addresses for bus stop stations.

 Source : Traveller (From Aug 31 to Sept 6 ) Vol 3, No 12

Three ancient Pyu cities receive more cruise visitors through Ayeyarwady River

Day trip from Yangon to World Heritage listed Halin, Beikthano and Sri Ksetra is set up and also visit along Ayeyarwady River by cruise to these places is made, per source of Archaeology and National Museum Department (Pyay).About 600 came to such places before being listed UNESCO and after the number reached over 9000.”Though the time is rainy season, visitors are regularly to come. Normally, visitors from water way are over 60 with 30 foreigners,” per source of Archaeology and National Museum Department (Pyay). Management Plan for preservation if world trotters often visit the places, natural disaster and long term substantiality has already been submitted to World Heritage List together with the application. To know world Heritage listed Halin, Beikthano and Sri Ksetra from the world, the trip will be exhibited in international travel show, per source of Myanmar Tourism market upgrade committee, the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. With the aim to draw more foreigners to these places, some local travel and tour companies arranging other tour schedules together with this destination.

Source : Traveller (From Aug 31 to Sept 6 ) Vol 3, No 12

Over bridges can sort out crossroad traffic congestions



Implementation of over bridges is, anyhow, a solution for crossroads, though it is not effective to solve overall problem of traffic congestion. Vehicles are imported in a great numbers of quantity after 2011. The main cause of traffic jam is that 80% of all vehicles in the country are in Yangon, said U Hla Aung, Chairman of All Private Bus Lines Control Committee.
” Over bridges cannot sort out the problem of traffic congestion but it can solve the problem of crossroads. Over bridges are very long in other countries. Here, we have to construct according to the limited allotment of Regional Government. Traffic is controlled by remote control system in other countries but we still cannot implement in our country. Some of the buses do not run on their specific routes by driving on the bridges. They drive under the bridge to fetch passengers, that is one of the problems of traffic congestion, he said. At present, there are four over bridges in Yangon and arranging for more new over bridges.

Source : Traveller (From Aug 31 to Sept 6 ) Vol 3, No 12

No toll fee for non-Yangon registered vehicles

To reduce traffic jam in Yangon area, the toll gate fee Ks 4,000 plus Ks 4,000 per day stay in Yangon collected on vehicle under one ton which is registered in other regions. Deputy Minister U Kyaw Kyaw Win of No. 1 Ministry of President Office said that there is no plan to reduce the present toll gate fee paid from vehicles registered outside of Yangon depending on kinds of vehicle for driving in YCDC area. According to Yangon Region Government meeting decision dated 30-10-2014, There are more and more vehicles from outside of Yangon and the city area which do not pay wheel tax to YCDC. So to examine those cars, toll gate is collected starting from 26.11.2014 and in accord with provisions of section 30 and 35 of YCDC Law, 2013, toll gate fee is taken from vehicles outside of YCDC which park on roads owned by YCDC.
” Like YCDC collects toll gate fee in conformity with law, other regions, states, township collect their toll gate for use of roads. Yangon Region continues to collect toll gate fee from vehicles registered outside of Yangon and other cities for driving YCDC roads. So there is no plan to reduce toll gate fee upon vehicles coming from outside of YCDC area,” said U Kyaw Kyaw Win, Deputy Minister.

Source : Traveller (From Aug 31 to Sept 6 ) Vol 3, No 12

Legal actions against Companies without Tour License



There are over 1,800 companies including 38 joint-venture and one foreign company who have tourism licence. According to the Hotels and Tourism Law ordinary companies which have only Registration Certificate of Company Registration Office are required to get Tourism Licence issued by Directorate of Hotels and Tourism to carry out hotel and tourism business. However, there are some registered companies which have no tourism licence are doing tourism business.
If there is complaint with full evidences, the Ministry will take legal action in cooperation with responsible persons of Myanmar Hotels and Tourism Association. The offences are, according to Law, three years’ imprisonment and fine Ks 50,000. Ministry is difficult to investigate the matter if the company in question is violating the law or not; some companies are doing tour business without notion of licence requirement, it is learnt.
Tour companies have to pay licence fees, tax and other charges to carry out legal tour business. Other companies without such licence are easy to reduce lower than competitive prices of legal tour companies, it is unfair for them, said licensed tour businessmen.

Source : Traveller (From Aug 31 to Sept 6 ) Vol 3, No 12

30 hotel licenses issued within two months

Up to the end of May, 2015 issued hotel and guesthouse licenses were 1186 and at the end of July within two months increased new 30 hotels and guesthouses with 900 rooms, totaling 1216, according to the records of Hotels and Tourism Administration Department. So also tourist guide licenses and regional tourist guide licenses rose than previous year; 266 licenses issued from June to July.
“We issue license as fast as possible; license can be applied at respective branch offices. It takes no time to get license if necessary documents are completed; delay due to incomplete applications,” said a responsible person of the Department.
Hotel licenses are granted mostly in Yangon and Mandalay. Most of the foreign investments are in Mandalay Region.
There will not be any problem of insufficient room in coming season, said a responsible person from Mandalay Hotel Zone.
Up to July there are 1763 tourism business licenses for nationals, 37 joint venture companies and one foreign company, it is learnt.


Source : Traveller (From Aug 31 to Sept 6 ) Vol 3, No 12