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Last Wednesday,  a group of 116 military-appointed members of the parliment attended the Union Parliament in the political capital, Nay Pyi Taw all wearing masks.

In similar fashion, in a move to curb the spread of the virus, the country went as far as suspending the annual ceremony of Armed forces march on March 27. 
They caught the attention of the people and raised the awareness of the Corona Virus Covit – 19 although Myanmar is said to be still free from it.

Myanmar with it long border shared with China is very likely to contract the virus as there were lots and lots of Chinese tourist after Myanmar allowed Visa on Arrival for Chinese. There were 9 direct flights to Myanmar from Chinese Cities. 
Now The Sun tabloid of UK put Myanmar in 12th country which is still free from Corona Virus which should be on the list of every traveler after the fear subsides.

3 Opinions why Myanmar is still free from the Virus :

  1. Resistance – Many believed Myanmar’s resistance is unique.
  2. Underdevelopment with much legged behind transport and mobility system effectively deterred the spread of the virus
  3. Undetected – Detection methods are not modern enough to find the virus.

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