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Despite a lull in visitor arrivals earlier this year, the Republic is expecting to draw more than 15 million international visitors in 2015.

Singapore Tourism Board chief executive LionelYeo told Reuters in an interview on Thursday (Sep 17) that it is “on target” to achieve 0 to 3 per cent growth in visitor arrivals – or a total of 15.1 million to 15.5 million tourists. July’s numbers rose by 7.7 per cent over the previous year, he noted.

“We are somewhat hopeful that we have turned a corner,” added MrYeo.Visitor arrivals had decreased in the first four months of this year before showing a slight up-trend from May. But arrivals between January and July are still 1.7 per cent lower than those in the same period last year. Inbound tour operators had mixed views on the tourism outlook for the rest of the year, citing uncertain economic conditions.July’s increase in tourist arrivals was mainly due to summer school holidays in neighbouring places such as Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and China, they said.

Siam Express managing director JaclynYeoh said that arrivals from China, one of Singapore’s top markets, have not yet picked up.”There is a lot of uncertainty and (consumers) might want to save their money instead of spending it on travelling,” said Ms Yeah, who felt there was need to tap new markets such as Brazil and Myanmar.

Ms Judy Lum, Tour East Singapore’s group vice-president of sales and marketing, expects more long-haul visitors during the year-end period due to the strengthening US dollar and British pound, even if their numbers are not as high as in previous years.

National Association of Travel Agents Singapore executive director Steven Lek noted the steady stream of tourists from Indonesia and China, and felt confident that “the outlook for the year is bright”.This weekend’s Formula One race has also brought some cheer to hospitality players.

Pan Pacific Singapore general manager Gino Tan said track-facing rooms are fully booked and, with last-minute bookings, the hotel is expecting full occupancy this weekend.

This year, its sales and marketing efforts started earlier and some guests booked their rooms four to five months in advance, he said.Marina. Mandarin Singapore also began its early-bird promotion earlier this year and said its group and corporate bookings have increased from two years ago, despite room rates holding steady.

Even Royal Plaza on Scotts, which is located further from the race track, is expecting full occupancy this weekend. Its rates are about 5 per cent lower than last year’s due to the relatively slow start this year, which “has impacted room rates across the hotel industry”, said chief experience officer and general manager Patrick Fiat.



Yangon Hotel & Guest House
Bo Bo Min
No.A-21/22 Pin Lon Road, Ward (29) North Dagon
Ph-01 8011101

Business Alliance Hotel
No.126/A Dhaman Zadi Road,Bahan Township
Ph-01 524844

Chit Sayar Hotel
No. 127-137 Anawrahta Road, Corner of Lanmadaw Street.
Ph-01 251080

Decent Hotel
No – 69 Dhamar Yon Street,Myayangone bus stop
Ph-01 5016 70

Chan Myae
No.256/276,3rd Floor, Maha Bandoola Garden Street, Kyauktada TOWnship
Phone – 09 73027373, 01 382022

Millennium Hotel
No.7, 54th Street  (Close Strand Road),Botataung Township,Yangon
Phone – 01 299024, 01 9010479, 01 9010480

Mandalay Hotel & Guest House
‘Hotel Sahara Mar lay
80St,Between  26 and 27 Street, Chanaye Tharzan, Mandalay
Ph-02 67313

Hotel Shwepyithar
No-B -8,Beside Mandalay-Pyin 00 Lwin,Between 31 and 32, Chanayetharzan Township Mandalay

Shove P* Hotel
No. 64,39 and 40 Between, Maharaungmyae Township Mandalay.

Ya Htaik
No- 11 0,73Street, Between 28 and 29 Street, Chanayetharzan Township Mandalay.
Ph-02 65775

(Nay pyi taw Hotel & Guest House)
No-9/10,Yarzar Thingaha Road,Dekhina Thiri, Hotel Zone Naypyitaw
Ph-067 422020 – 26

Royal Lotus Hotel
No.8 38/39 Yarza Thingaha Road, Kekhina Thiri Township Hotel Zone 1 Naypyitaw
Ph-067 8106170

Great Wall Hotel
Yaza Thingaha Street, Oaktharathiri Hotel Zone Naypyitaw
Ph-067 435010

Yadanar Theingha
4.6,Hotel Zone, Yarza Thingaha Road,Dekkina Thiri
Ph – 067 421911, 421922

Royal Naypyitaw
No-5 Yaza Thingaha Road,Hotel Zone 1 Naypyitaw Ph- 067 414960 Ext:967

Yangon Clinics & Hospital
Asia Royal
No (14), Boho Road, Sanchaung Township
Ph-01530055, 01-537296

No (335), Lower Kyee Mi8n Daing Road Corner or Ahlone Road,Near of Traffic Light

30 Street Clinic
No (191)/193,G Floor,30 th street upper Block/ Pabetden Township

Victoria Hospital
No (68) Tawwin Street, 9 mile, Mayangone Tow-ship, Yangon.
Phone – 01 9666141

Mandalay Clinics & Hospital
Royal Hospital
No.47, 31 Street, between 69 & 70 Streets, Chan Aye Thar San Township.
Ph; 02-323 52, 323 54.
E-mail; royalhospital

Kant Kaw (Special Clinic)
34 Street, Between 78& 79 Streets, Chan Aye Thar San Township.
Ph; 02-668 80, 681 80, 332 58

Kye Sin Hospital
No. AA(4/), Coner of Theik Pin & 57 Streets. Chan Mya Thar Si Township.
Ph; 02-806 60, 09-2560 79987

Chan Weir Aung Hospital
No.115, 74 Street, Between 27 & 28 Streets. Chan Aye Thar San Township.
Chan Aye Thar San Township.
Ph; 02-728 85, 728 86, 728 87

Travels & Tours (Yangon)
Oriental Century Travles & Tours
No.40, First Floor, Ye Gyaw Street, Pazundaung Township, Yangon
Phone – 09 73107324

Moo Travels
No. (405) 4th floor, Bldg (b),Peral Condo, Kabaraye Pagoda Road, Bahan Township
Ph-01 8603766

Golden City Hotel No
No(13/B) Ngar Htat Kyee Pagoda Street, Yangon Ph-01-540640

Firefly No
No. 173 Ground Floor, 35th Middle Kyauktada Township, Yangon
Ph-01 391039

Hillft Town
Build 140,5 Floor,Sinn 0 Dan St,Upper Block,Latha Township
Phone – 5.09 260148577,09 260148566

Scenery Myanmar Travels & Tours
No.225,1st Floor(Right),37th Street (Upper),Kyauktada Township,Yangon
Phone – 01 254698,09 252221990

Travels & Tours (Mandalay)
Nice Fare
No 24/B 78 Street, Between 35th and 36th Street, Mahar Aung Myay Township, Mandalay
Ph-02 30833

Star Zone
No 86,35th Street,Between 74th and 75th Street, Mandalay
Phone – 02 62033

San Yadanar Travel
37,Between 41 and 42,Between 83 and 84,Mahar Aung Myay
Phone – 02 35978, 09 2016264, 09 2018625

Easy Go
Ground Floor, 38 Street Between 78 and No: Street, Mandalay
Ph-09 73188588

Different Travels & Tours Co.,Ltd.
No. Chan (694), Between 73 rd, Mandalay
Ph. 09-402603190,09-2028150

Yangon Highway Bus
Nan Hfike San     (09 73072228)
Manyarzar    (09 8616217)
Hein Myat Moe     (01-637588)
Shove Kabar    (01 70242)
See Sain Shin     (09 73171675)
YanKyiAung     (0973025169)

Moe Kaung Kin     (01 704685)
Man ]bit Sar    (09 420245566)
New Mandalar Tun     (01 703969)
Thit Sar Oo     (09 73252984)
Bagan Minthar     (09 73238057)

Yangon-Pyin Oo Lwin
Myat Mandalar Tun     (01 636937)
Mandalar Min     (01 700194)

Yangon-Kyeik  Hto
Win     (0973207073)
Yoe, Yoe I ay     (0973254040)

Shove Sin Sett Kyar     (01 637233)
Universal    (09 73105032)
Soe Moe Aung     (09 8370336)

Yangon-Bagan-Naung Oo
Bagan Min Thar,     (0973238057)
we Myo Tavi     (0973256436)

Mandalay Highway Bus
Mandalay – Mawlamyine
Yadanarpon     (02-615 00)
Yoe Ybe Lay     (09 73254040)

Mandalay –Bagan – Nyaung Oo
Mandalar Min    (02-789 91 / 09-680 7272)

Mandalay – Larsho
Shove Taung Paw     (09 43180005)
Shove Li Oo    (02-697 57)
Mume Thu     (09 91049692)

Mandalay –Taunggyi
Yatanar Aung     (09 402585016)
Shove Gabar     (09-2023 111)

Mandalay –Moe Gyoke
Moe Gyoke Man     (02- 240 78)
Sheshar Nilar     (02- 217 37)

Mandalay –Kalay
Tun Thauk     (02-618 86)
Shan Taung Tan     (02-606 20 / 02-239 81)

Nay Pyi Taw HighwayBus
Nay Pyi Taw – Monwya
Kyael Sin Hein    (067-420 5611067-420 967)

Nay Pyi Taw – Mandalay
Manyadanar    (067-381 78)
Myat Myint Moh     (067-381 48)
Shove Man Thu     (09-6500 152)
Kyael Sin Hein    (067-420 561/ 067-420 866)
Htet Oo     (06738178)
Mandalarrnin     (09-49245111)
Elite     (067-26423)

Nay Pyi Taw – Taung Gyi
Pa Oh Welt Tan     (067-420 866)

Nay Pyi Taw – Yangon
Tapin Shwe Htee     (01-639 465)
Hein Myat Moe         (01-637 588)
Nan Htike San         (09-730 72228)
Site         (067-262 81)
Aung Soe Moe         (09-8616984)
Mandalarmin         (09-73231000)
Shwe Zin Sa”r         (067-421973)


Air Bagan        01-513322,913422,513411
Air Mandalay        01-502520, 505488, EXT-610-4
Air Kanbawza         01-372977-80
Asian Wings Airways     01-516654,527404,532253
Yangon Airway         01-383218,383100,383127
Myamna Airways     01-371591,371 31
Golden Myanmar Airline     01-8604035-8, 09-400447999
Mann yadanarpon Airlines 01-656969

Emergancy Call Number Yangon
Crime            119
Police Force     01-29602,01-376166,01-645824
Ambulance        01-383684
Yangon General Hospital 01-384493-94
East Yangon General Hospital    01-2300502-836
West Yangon General Hospital    01-222860-861

Private Hospital/Clinic
Asia Royal            01-538055-503261
Showe Gone Ding         01-543278-554412
Baho Si                01-2300502-631
Thuka Kabar             01-500100-505200
Emergency Phone Number
Crime                199
Police Force            061-29602, 02-376166, 02-64584
Ambulance            02-383683
Mandalay General Hospital     02-39032-55059

Private Hospital/ Clinic
Pan Hlaing             02-64029-61561
Parapike             02-74808

Emergency Phone Number Bagan/Nyaung 00
Crime                199
Tour Police Force         061-29602, 061-376166, 061-645824
Ambulance             061-383684


Ayeyarwaddy Adventure
Ayeyarwaddy Adventure, Road to Mandalay for seven nights eight days is introduced among Yangon-Mandalay cruise schedules. On the first day, leave Yangon to Bagan, and take a short break at hotel. After enjoying sun set view of Bagan from cruise ship, dinner will be served. On the second day, after breakfast, visit Bagan local markets under the leadership of tour guide, take a tour with bike or pony cart. On the third day, Bagan to Mandalay, Mingun and on the fourth day, Maymoe, Colonical House will be visited. On the fifth day, Sagaing Hills and on the sixth day, Shwe Kyet Yet Pagoda, Innwa and on the seventh day, Popa Mount will be toured and concluded the trip. For more information, Let’s Go Myanmar, No. 52 C, Magin Street, 13 Quarter, Yankin/1 Township.Ph-0 1562169, 09-43075258.

Myanmar Highlights
Myanmar Highlights, Road to Mandalay is presented from Yangon-Mandalay cruise schedule. Detailed schedule is on the first day, Mandalay to Sagaing, on the second day, Shwe Kyet Yet Pagoda, Innwa, on the third day, Bagan. For more information, Let’s Go Myanmar, No. 52 C, Magin Street, 13 Quarter, Yankin Township. Ph-01562169, 09-43075258.

Four nights five days Golden Land, Road to Mandalay forYangon-Mandalay cruise schedules is stated. On the first day, Bagan, the next day, On the first day, leave Yangon to Bagan, and take a’short break at hotel. After enjoying sun set view of Bagan from cruise ship, dinner will be served. On the second day, after breakfast, visit Bagan local markets under the leadership of tour guide, take a tour with bike or pony cart. On the third day, Sagaing Hills and on the sixth day, Shwe Kyet Yet Pagoda, Amarapura will be toured and concluded the trip.For more information, Let’s Go Myanmar, No. 52 C, Magin Street, 13 Quarter, Yankin Township. Ph-01562169, 09-43075258.



Golden Land
Mandalay-Jade Pagoda-Pyin Oo Lwin
Introduced 3-night/4-day Mandalay-Pyin Oo Lwin trip including pilgrimage
A famous Jade Pagoda and Deedok Blue Water Lake.

Departure on 2 October, 2015 at Ks 99,000 per head. Stay at MANDALAY SWAN HOTEL.
Detail to contact: Swan Travels & Tours, Tel: 09261333378 and 0926133337

Introduced 3-night/4-day trip to snow-capped mountains at the far north of Myanmar to visit
Putao-Machan-baw-Kaunghmulon-Shan-gaung-Mulashidee. Booking last date 30 September, departure on 29 October, 2015 at Ks790,000 per head.
Detail to contact: Tango Travels &Tburs, Tel: 09261403305,09259585294, 0973109637.


Amazing Northen Trekking
Northen Trekking MNW
006 (22 Nights / 23 Days)
Day – 1: Arrival Yangon
Day – 2: Yangon sightseeing by Car
Day – 3: Yangon – Putao – Upper Shankaung by flight/ Truck
Day – 4: Trek – Wansandum village
Day – 5: Trek – Ziyadum village
Day – 6: Trek – Thit Pin Gyi Day – 7: Trek – Kan Tauk Myint
Day – 8: Trek – Base Camp Day – 9: Trek – Base Camp Summit – Base Camp
Day – 10: Trek – Base Camp Thit Pin Gyi
Day – 11: Trek – Thit Pin Gyi – Ziyadum
Day – 12: Trek – Ziyadum – Wansondurn
Day – 13: Trek – Wansondum – Shangaung – Putao
Day – 14: Putao – Kaung Mu Lone – Mu lar Shide -Putao by Truck
Day – 15: Putao – Mandalay by flight
Day – 16: Mandalay sightseeing by Car
Day – 17: Mandalay – Heho I – Inle by flight/ Car/ Boat
Day – 18: Inle sightseeing by Boat
Day – 19: Inle sightseeing by Boat
Day – 20: Inle – Heho – Bagan by Boat/ Car/ flight Day – 21: Bagan sightseeing by Car
Day – 22: Bagan – Yangon by flight
Day – 23: Yangon Departure


More details for :
Myanmar natural wonder travel and tours
Tel: +95-9-428343850, +959-73000938,+95-9-5058825 Fax: +95-1-519763,info@

(21 – 9- 2015 TO 27 – 9 – 2015








Source : Traveller (From Sept 21 to Sept 27 )Vol 3, No 15