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Tenders are invited to local and foreign private companies to operate the GoktiekViaduct Train Service in Northern Shan State, learnt from Myanmar Railway.

At present, Naung Cho-Goktiek-Naung Pain route and Naung Pain-Goktiek-Naung Cho routes are run by Rail Gang Car (RGC) and tenders are opened to private businesses to extend the service, it is learnt.
“Private companies will have to run by three-year contract and interested companies have to apply in compliance with the rules. Private companies can attract more visitors and widely re ‘ operate the service, said a responsible person of Myanmar Railway.

RGC train ran at GoktiekViaduct since March, 2015 and it has completed 13’ trip up to July

The GoktiekViaduct is over one hundred years old, situated at milestone 463/09, seven miles away from Naung Cho Station. The length of the viaduct is 2,260 feet and 1,100 feet high from the base.

Source : Traveller (From Sept 21 to Sept 27 )Vol 3, No 15