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The numbers of tourist increase visiting Myeik Archipelago in Tanintharyi Region after permitted for day return visits; it is expected to rise more than that of previous year, learnt from Myeik Branch of Hotel and Tourism Administration Department.

Tanintharyi Regional Government gives permission for day return visits and other information are submitted to Regional Government on 6`” May, 2015, it is learnt. ” It will be submitted to Regional Government to launch tourism police in Tanintharyi Region as soon as development of tourism. The number of tour companies’ trips in Tanintharyi has been increased and local visitors are also expected to rise”, said a responsible person from Myeik Branch office. There were 220,473 tourists in 2013, 221,613 in 2014 to Myeik islands, according to the records. Tourists visited by crossing the Kawthaung border transit with visa and by motor yacht, he continued. It is submitted to Regional Government to issue On ArrivalVisa at border transits for the convenience of tourist, it is learnt. Foreign companies and locals more interested to invest in this region, it is known. Myeik Archipelago is composed of eight hundred islands, among them Kyatmauk Island, Thahtay Island and Yadanar Island are famous.

Source : Traveller (From Sept 21 to Sept 27 )Vol 3, No 15