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It is learnt from MaHtaThaYangon Region [All Bus-line Control Committee] that after demolishing special bus lines inYangon area so as to collect bus fare on schedule clip, Special Inspection Teams will be formed under Ma HtaTha to control more systematically and effectively.

Current running bus lines under Ma HtaTha (Central) are checked with 16 special investigation teams and after transforming into schedule clip, an unit is set up to know whether conductors follow the rules or not, said Chairman U Hla Aung, Ma HtaTha (Central).

“After the Yangon Region Government approves bus schedule clip system, we will have more special investigation teams. We have to check whether conductors collect newly fixed ticket fares or not,” he said. For such matter, it takes time to negotiate between owners and vehicle workers and it may be difficult to deal with, the person continued. “They should check carefully whether a passengers have to pay more ticket fare or not. I think the investigation team is now ineffective,” a passenger said. Ma HtaTha (Central) has already fixed ticket fares for changing bus schedule clips. The Yangon Region Government has temporarily postponed for such transformation.

Source : Traveller (From Sept 21 to Sept 27 )Vol 3, No 15