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Since licensing procedures are better, within August 2015, over 100 local tour guide licences issued throughout the country, per source of Hotels and Tourism Directorate.

There are four zones for tour guide licence application in the country and the figure of tour guide licence is nearly 9,000. But half of them work in the tour guide field currently, said Chairman Dr. Nyein Nyein from Myanmar Tour Guides Association.

“Local tour guide has to attend one month course to get licence for limited areas. The guide has to pass further tests to work in the whole country. Hotels and Tourism Directorate is now conducting tour guide courses for local tour guides continuously. It is increased the number,” the person said.
According to the figure of Hotels and Tourism Directorate, up to the end ofAug 2015, the figure Of tour guide licence is 4,020 and local tour licence is 1,515.

In the same way, it is better not only in the tour guide licence issuance, but also in the tour business licence. The number for business licence grant is 46 within one month.

Later at tourism developed destinations, local tour guide training is conducted, per source of Hotels and Tourism Directorate. Local tour guide trainings had been conducted since 1992.

Source : Traveller (From Sept 21 to Sept 27 )Vol 3, No 15