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Implementation of over bridges is, anyhow, a solution for crossroads, though it is not effective to solve overall problem of traffic congestion. Vehicles are imported in a great numbers of quantity after 2011. The main cause of traffic jam is that 80% of all vehicles in the country are in Yangon, said U Hla Aung, Chairman of All Private Bus Lines Control Committee.
” Over bridges cannot sort out the problem of traffic congestion but it can solve the problem of crossroads. Over bridges are very long in other countries. Here, we have to construct according to the limited allotment of Regional Government. Traffic is controlled by remote control system in other countries but we still cannot implement in our country. Some of the buses do not run on their specific routes by driving on the bridges. They drive under the bridge to fetch passengers, that is one of the problems of traffic congestion, he said. At present, there are four over bridges in Yangon and arranging for more new over bridges.

Source : Traveller (From Aug 31 to Sept 6 ) Vol 3, No 12