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To reduce traffic jam in Yangon area, the toll gate fee Ks 4,000 plus Ks 4,000 per day stay in Yangon collected on vehicle under one ton which is registered in other regions. Deputy Minister U Kyaw Kyaw Win of No. 1 Ministry of President Office said that there is no plan to reduce the present toll gate fee paid from vehicles registered outside of Yangon depending on kinds of vehicle for driving in YCDC area. According to Yangon Region Government meeting decision dated 30-10-2014, There are more and more vehicles from outside of Yangon and the city area which do not pay wheel tax to YCDC. So to examine those cars, toll gate is collected starting from 26.11.2014 and in accord with provisions of section 30 and 35 of YCDC Law, 2013, toll gate fee is taken from vehicles outside of YCDC which park on roads owned by YCDC.
” Like YCDC collects toll gate fee in conformity with law, other regions, states, township collect their toll gate for use of roads. Yangon Region continues to collect toll gate fee from vehicles registered outside of Yangon and other cities for driving YCDC roads. So there is no plan to reduce toll gate fee upon vehicles coming from outside of YCDC area,” said U Kyaw Kyaw Win, Deputy Minister.

Source : Traveller (From Aug 31 to Sept 6 ) Vol 3, No 12