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Golden City held New Chapter 2015: Welcome to Luxury World with performance of well-known vocalists Sai Sai Kham. Hlaing and Nyan Linn Aung together with renowned models from11 am to 5 pm on Saturday, 22nd and Sunday, 23rd August.
Golden City will collect donation to support flood victims and the donation will go through its public welfare foundation.
“One of our long term aims is to help every society all the time. When we heard flood, we feel sad indeed. We have got idea to help flood victims. The reason to hold this event is to donate to overflown area. The visitors can purchase our brands as well as visit our show room,” said Mr. Jeffery Lu, Share Holder and Representative of Golden City Project.Cash collected from New Chapter 2015 will be donated for second time through Golden City Charity Foundation to over inundated places. The collected cash amount will be announced from its Facebook. The visitors became to understand Golden City project and delighted to buy celebrated brands.

Source : Traveller (From Aug 31 to Sept 6 ) Vol 3, No 12