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There are over 1,800 companies including 38 joint-venture and one foreign company who have tourism licence. According to the Hotels and Tourism Law ordinary companies which have only Registration Certificate of Company Registration Office are required to get Tourism Licence issued by Directorate of Hotels and Tourism to carry out hotel and tourism business. However, there are some registered companies which have no tourism licence are doing tourism business.
If there is complaint with full evidences, the Ministry will take legal action in cooperation with responsible persons of Myanmar Hotels and Tourism Association. The offences are, according to Law, three years’ imprisonment and fine Ks 50,000. Ministry is difficult to investigate the matter if the company in question is violating the law or not; some companies are doing tour business without notion of licence requirement, it is learnt.
Tour companies have to pay licence fees, tax and other charges to carry out legal tour business. Other companies without such licence are easy to reduce lower than competitive prices of legal tour companies, it is unfair for them, said licensed tour businessmen.

Source : Traveller (From Aug 31 to Sept 6 ) Vol 3, No 12