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Stone Inscriptions in the precinct of Maha Lawka Marazain Khuthodaw Pagoda, Mandalay one of the UNESCO’s Memory of the World will be preserved by three years’ project, learnt from Ministry of Culture. Department of Archaeology and National Museum will operate preservation and cleansing of stone inscriptions, stone inscription houses and maintenance of stone inscriptions’ photographs with the help of Japanese Foundation Chuo Academic Research Institute (CARI), it is learnt. Cleaning of stone inscriptions and taking high quality digital photographs, collecting information from digital photographs, building and maintaining of stone inscriptions in 2015-2016, creating a website to share all over the world, giving trainings and preserving zed pagoda above stone inscriptions will be carried out step by step. UNESCO recognized Kuthodaw Pagoda Stone Inscriptions in the Memory of the World List as it is the world’s largest books and it is the only one completed and significant inscriptions of Buddha’s Tipitaka inscribed on the stones. There are 729 stone tablets, inscribed from 1860 to 1868 for seven years, six months and M-days, during the reign of King Mindon.

Source : Traveller (From Sept 7 to Sept 13 )Vol 3, No 13