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It is essential to modernize trips as the new trips are explored in respective Regions and States to develop Myanmar tourism, learnt from Myanmar Tourism Entrepreneurs Association.”As the transportation system is better than that of previous time, the distance between one region and another is shorter. It also has safety as some regions became peaceful. There are also many vehicles and airplanes. So, it needs information and modernize the tour trips which are developed,” said a responsible person from the Association. Moreover, three Pyu ancient cities are listed as World Heritage by UNESCO and because of that these places become well-known. A’knout Mountain can be observed by visiting these places as they are on the same way. Hotels and boats get more income as the number of visitors increased. The most visiting places in 2014 travelling season are Pyay-Htonedo-Aknout Mountain-Sri Kastra and the new places are-Kayah State, Pa-an and Zwegapin in Kayin State, Taunggy, Thantaung, Nawbubaw Mountain and Mawlamyine. These trips are mostly one day trip and it is really popular. Ministry of Hotels and Tourism permitted more hotel licenses and will help to sort out the problem of parking lot as the number of visitors rise. The number of local visitors in 2010 was 1.1 million; increased to 3.6m in 2013 and expected 4m in 2015.

Source : Traveller (From Sept 7 to Sept 13 )Vol 3, No 13