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For Kyeikhteeyoe cable car installation, ground surface work process completed 100% and installation will be finalized in 2016, per source of Mon State Government. Land preservation is underway currently and after open season, cable car set up process will be launched, said a responsible person from Mon State. “We have ground work for a long time and now the process concluded 100%. But equipment for Main Station and Return Station have not arrived yet and so it will unveil only in 2016,” he said. With the approval of the Trustees cable car service will ply main station and return station near the road from Yathaytaung to Kyeikhteeyoe Pagoda platform. Myanmar Investment Commission has granted permission in Dec 2014 to implement cable car project joint-venture with the cooperation between Sky International Company, South Korea and Asia International Fisheries Company, Myanmar. Although cable car service launches mountain bus service will still be in operation, per source of Kyeikhteeyoe Mountain Bus Association.In 2014-15 pilgrimage season, the number of foreign and local visitors to Kyeikhteeyoe will break record. When cable car is in service, more pilgrims will be expected to Kyeikhteeyoe.

Source : Traveller (From Sept 7 to Sept 13 )Vol 3, No 13