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300 solar lightings will be installed inside and outside of three Bagan temples, with the cooperation of UNESCO and Panasonic Co., learnt from the Ministry of Culture. To install the solar lights at the three temples will be in prior and the Co. will survey for solar lighting. The responsible person said, “While setting up electric cables around the pagoda buildings, they hummer iron nails, screws and hooks into the brick walls and it damage ancient monuments. It causes vibrations while striking with heavy hummers. And also loose electric cables are hanging to cause ugly scene. After donors have set up, temple trustees can install on their own accounts later.”The proposed system consists of one l’ florescent lamp per one unit and the temples to be installed are on both sides of Anawrathar Road and of Nyaung Oo Road. To establish solar system, responsible persons from UNESCO and Panasonic Co. went field trips on 17 August 2015 and they have already discussed with the Ministry of Culture. As Bagan pagodas are of old age, they become decay and required conservation: the Ministry is trying to nominate UNESCO list.

Source : Traveller (From Sept 7 to Sept 13 )Vol 3, No 13