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1Since olden days the Myanmar Buddhists have kept the stricter observance of five precepts. They haven’t dare to take dead animals as food by killing them. They didn’t want to eat (meat) the fresh of animals killed by other people. When they accidentally saw the scene of killing not quite dead

fish by fishmongers, they avoided it.

These people have avoided eating the fresh of animals killed by other peo­ple. They ate vegetables and fruits only. Those who did not eat the fresh of animal but rely on eating vegeta­bles and fruits are called “Vegetarian”.Some people say that those who take only vegetables and fruits as food may suffer malnutrition and meet with infection.

However, those who are vegetarians for the whole lifE can live up to the age of over 80 and 90. Those who are an attachment for meat cannot live the complete life-span and die at the age of over 50 and 60.As the ancient Myan­mar took just enough meat and vegetables favourably a,, food, they became healthy.

Nowadays, in the agricul­tural sector, due to excessive Euse of patricides and chem­ical fertilizers and improper washing of vegetables by house wife the consumers have exposed to health hazards.

During the reigns of the ancient Myanmar kings the authorities concerned had issued as order prohibit killing of animals and sale o: meat on the Sabbath days.

In these days there had been slaughters house, and due to the prohibiting order not to kill animals, on the Sabbath days the number of animals slaughtered de­creased.

“As animals are inferior, weaker and no knowledge, the human being show love and kindness towards them’ – such considerations have exited in the minds of every ancient Myanmar.

Prominent Sayadaws (Buddhist monks) delivered the religious sermons pro­hibiting killing of animals and avoiding meat. Due to venerable Leidi Sayad­aw’s religious sermons, town-dwellers of some townships in Myanmar ceased to take meat as food At the earliest era of the existing earth men were able to fly to the sky with rays brightened up on their bodies but their excessive last led to the loss of their flying power.

Japanese men and women have undergone longevity. As they eat less meat and more vegetable, Japanese old men and old women can live up to the age of over 100 years.

Tharmyinya Sayadaw who had resided at a monastery on the Tharmyinnya Hill near Pa-an in Kayin State, had fed every guest pay­ing obeisance to him with htamin (cooked rice) and vegetable curry comprising brinjal (egg-plant), long bean, potato, lady’s fingers and click pea. After his demise over ten years ago, the number of guests have decreased. But the guests are still fed with htamin and vegetable curry.

At the Mahasi religious retreat the guests had been fed with vegetable curry only and Ounnau Khauk­swe without chicken on the Sabbath days.

But it was more deli­cious than the real Ounnau Khaukswe (noodles served with chicken and coconut milk gravy). Nowadays, the habit of being vegetarians is practiced by those among the elderly persons at the metropolitan.


Source : The traveller Vol 3, No.11  From August 24 To August 30, 2015