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As Myanmar tourism is thriving Mon State is full of local and foreign travellers to accommo­date more hotels, per source of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

The travellers’ major attractions in Mon State are Kyeikhteeyoe Pagoda, Settse Beach, Kabyar­A Beach in Ye Township, Mottama mountain ranges and Muld village in Paung Township, Kay­lartha mountain in Beelin Township, Melan region, Commonwealth War Cemetery and Death Railway in Thanbyuzayat Town.

“While Myanmar tourism is prosperous, new destinations emerged. We revise the schedules which have already been set up. Most tour companies sell day trip tickets to Mon State including Kyeikhteeyoe. The weather is fine and the place is nice so foreigners enjoy that trip,” said Ma Nilar of May Parimi Travel and Tour.

“Mon State has shortage of agricultural workers and the State’s second economy rubber mar­ket is crucial. So,entrepreneurs move toward prospective travel and tour business. In the past, Mon State has only two or three hotels and now over 30 hotels,” she said.

The number of visitors to such places is equal to that of those to Bagan. Over two million trav­ellers to Kyeikhteeyoe Pagoda and Kyeikhto receives over 8,000 foreigners and 80,000 locals. According to the records of MOHT, up to the end of May 2015, Myanmar has 1,186 hotels with 46,690 rooms; in Mon State alone 38 hotels with 1,377 rooms.

Source : The traveller Vol 3, No.11  From August 24 To August 30, 2015