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1Preparations are underway for the construction of 4 -way Kokine over bridge at the junction of Kaba Aye Pagoda Road and University Avenue Road at Yankin Township to finish in March, 2016. The first land survey has already finished and now it is second time for more accurate. After soil testing the construction will be started in accordance with the instructions of Yan­gon Regional Government, learnt from the contractor Capital Development Com­pany.

At the moment, there are five over bridges, namely,

Bayintnaung, Hledan, Shwe­gondine, Myaynigone and Insein, utilizing to decrease traffic congestion in Yangon. In addition to them, three more bridges at Tamwe, 8th Mile Junction and Kolkine are under implementation stage.

Source : The traveller Vol 3, No.11  From August 24 To August 30, 2015