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To ease traffic congestion, footbridges are constructed in over-crowded places inYangon. The present Hledan footbridge construction is nearly 70% completed and, the bridge will be in use in September, per source of Engineering Department (Road and Bridge) ofYCDC,.

The height is 18 ft and 10 ft in width and 90 ft in length including two normal stairs of step. The construction launched in February at Ks 2.00 million.

“We had set up this bridge since Feb. After discussion, we selected the most jammed Hledan main junction. We aimed to open in July but delayed to next month due to revising the design,” said an officer in charge of the department.

There are five places to build footbridges, namely, on Anawyahtar Road, Pyay Road near Marlar Hall, Lanthit Road Lanmataw, near Tadaphyu and Site-pyoe-yay buss stop near Junction Square, within this FY at the estimated expenditure Ks over 4 billion. The construction work will begin when official permission ofYangon Regional Government received. Escalators will include depending on most crowded crossing areas.

Source : The traveller Vol 3, No.11  From August 24 To August 30, 2015