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Distribution of aviation fuel will be arranged not only at Yangon Mingaladon Airport but also at other airports to be implemented within six months after permission of Myanmar Investment Commission, learnt from Ministry of Energy.

Under the 30 years’ contract joint-venture arrangement with investment of 51% of the Ministry of Energy and 49% of the Puma Energy Group Pte. Ltd., Singapore, aviation fuel will be Supplied in Myanmar airports.

Seven ROE circular coaches in service


Myanma Railway has accelerated since 2013 and launched special air-con coachs plying. There are alto­gether seven coaches includ­ing this month new one, per source of MR.

Now, seventh air-con coach purchased from Japan is run­ning and according to public requirement, there is a plan

to run with the rest coaches at suitable routes.

“When compared with the past, the trains meet scheduled right time. As the number of passengers is increased, there should be regular ticket checking. The doors of the new air-con cars are not safe. Due to failure of cooling system, windows are kept open” said a commuter.

In circular railroad, there are 23 coaches with only four air-con ones.

MR announced that it has been thriving and so the Ministry has international contacts. Asa part of up­grading programme, the old Yangon circular coaches will be substituted with air-con coaches made in Japan before the end of this year.

MR has purchased 100 new coaches on the Japanese Government loan. The Japa­nese Government presented 12 RBE air-con coaches to Myanmar. Moreover, a Jap­anese train company is ne­gotiating to import about 15 coaches to Yangon covering all expenditure.