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Mya Thabate Yaypyar Lake

Mya Thabate Yaypyar Lake


                Foreign and local tourists are visiting Mya Thabate Yay­pyar Lake (Blue Water Lake) every day, said a responsible person from the Dhanu Liter­ature and Culture Association in Ywangan Town.

                The lake is situated in Taw-gye Village seven miles away from Ywangan, Dhanu self- administration region of Southern Shan State. The lake is conserved by Tawgye Mon­astery’s Sayadaw and respon­sible person from that town­ship, it is learnt. “Foreigners like the lake as water is clean and color is greenish blue. In the past, only locals near the lake know about it and visit the lake. Now the number of foreigners and local who visit the lake increase. We do not know the exact number as we do not collect any fee to visit the lake but there are many visitors. It might be over one hundred visitors a day. Now, the world knows about the lake which was not popular in the past, said U Maung Kyaw, responsible person from the Association. Moreover, it is learnt from the Association that Ministry of Culture will officially submit to be listed in Ancient Heritage to conserve it.

 Source : The traveller Vol 3, No.8  From August3 To August 9, 2015