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Translated by Phyu Maung

             Although hotel construction is banned in UNESCO World Heritage listed old Pyu city, for foreign visitors, there are hotels and guest houses near the cities, said Daw Khin Sandar, Deputy Minister for Culture.

             Currently, the world trotter entry is higher than the past year and due to the completion of pave road construction, the transportation is better for home and abroad travellers.

             “After UNESCO listed, tourism entrepre­neurs come to discuss with us. It is no need to set up hotels in Sri Kestra because it is near Pyi which has enough hotels. Hanlin is near Sagaing and Shwebo. There, we can see hotels and guest houses. Thus, it is not necessary to build in old cities. Baikthano is near Mag­way and Taungdwingyi. Also we see enough number of hotels. Most foreigners come to Sri Kestra,” she said.

              At present, news and information centres are under construction at old cities and later, construction will be extended.

                According to the official figure of Hotels and Tourism Ministry, Pyi possesses 14 hotels having 305 rooms, 25 hotels having 501 rooms in Magway.

 Source : The traveller Vol 3, No.8  From August3 To August 9, 2015