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Bagan View

Bagan View. Photo. The Traveller


                Daw Sandar Khin, Deputy Minister for Culture said at a press conference held at National Museum, Nay Pyi Taw on 24 July that a new survey will be carried out to count the numbers of Bagan monuments for the nomination of UNESCO World Heritage List. Previously such survey had already done. But the former one has no details and so the new assessment will go on. “To nominate Bagan as UNESCO World Heritage List, foreign experts will come to survey the historical data in the Bagan area with over three thousand pago­das. We have the old records, but previous figures are not complete. Thus, we launch to restart now. After that, we go on conservation process. In such preservation procedure, we have to maintain original design and next we turn to make document. Defining area is the following step,” she said. To submit UNESCO for ancient three Pyu cities, there are six basic factors but only in accord with three points, the three ancient cities were made. “In the past, we had few experiences and so it took time. Now we propose Bagan with two points and so it can save time,” she continued. At the 38th UNESCO annual conference held in Doha, in June 2014, three Pyu cities were listed as World Heritage.

  Source : The traveller Vol 3, No.8  From August3 To August 9, 2015