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The another new Nga Moe Yeik (Mingalar- Taung Nyunt) bridge which connects Mingalar Taung Nyunt and Dawbon townships opens to traffic on 26th, July, as the construction is completely finished. It can be travelled from Mingalar Taung Nyunt side to Dawbon and Thaketa across the Nga Moe River, thence direct to Thanlyin, Thonekwa on Ayarwon Road and from South Dagon Road to connect No.2 Bago six-lane highway. The new bridge is

8.5 metres away paralleled from the old bridge( which was built in colonial time. The length and number of pillars of the new bridge are the same with the old bridge. The length is 305 metres, the width 11.5. It has two ways and one passage is 3.5 metres wide and one metre besides the passage and total is 8 metres and sidewalk is 1.75 metres. The cost is 9 billion kyats, it is learnt.

 Source : The traveller Vol 3, No.8  From August3 To August 9, 2015