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In the rainy season, sold pilgrimage tickets are refunded if the trip schedule is cancelled due to the weather condition, per source of Myanmar Local Pilgrimage and Tourism Associa­tion. During this year, notification for places where are uneasy to travel are banned to visit are informed and some trips are cancelled, said Chairman U Than Htay of the Association. ” We refund ticket fare if we call off the trip, as done in last year,” he said. Within this rainy season, some destinations are not set up due to the weather condition but 2/3 tickets are sold. “Cur­rently, there are ticket sellers who are non-members of Myanmar Local Pilgrimage and Tourism Association. We are unable to solve the problems arising with them. We try to deal all matters among the Association’s members; it is difficult for us to take measure with non-members,” said General Secretary U Kyaw Min Hlaing. There was an evidence in the past, no refund considered to his customers for cancellation by a non-member of Myanmar Local Pilgrimage and Tourism Association.

Source : The traveller Vol 3, No.7  From July27  To August 2, 2015