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Inle Lake situated in south­ern Shan State is designated as Myanmar’s first Human and Biosphere reserve, will be conserved by organizing a national committee, said U Win Naing Thaw, Director of Environmental and Wildlife Division under the Forest Department, Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry. Inle Lake has been selected as human and biosphere reserve at 27th International Coordinating Council Meeting in Paris on 8-12 June, it is learnt. “We have observed what is operating in other countries as it is first time for Myanmar. We also learn their manage­ment and will apply which is suitable for our country We already have organizations and commit­tee and we will try to unite and negotiate with them. President also encourage to organize a national commit­tee when we are planning the projects and it is a strength for us and said that technical organization and practical organization to operate the practical projects had to be organized under the com­mittee. So, we organize the national committee and there will be a technical organiza­tion under the committee. Under that department, there will be a coordinating of regional organization and we will operate with these organizations”, said UWin Naing Thaw. Inle Lake is the most significant and beau­tiful inland freshwater lake, wetland ecosystem besides cultural heritage in Myan­mar and it is very important to conserve the lake as long as the country stands, It is 215.28 sq mile wide, home for 345 species of wildlife birds and wetland birds, 25 species of amphibian and reptile species, 184 orchid species, 59 species of freshwater fish, 3 species of tortoise and 94 species of butterfly.

 Source : The traveller Vol 3, No.7  From July27  To August 2, 2015