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Kanbawza Bank received Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2015 for Asian Capacity prize according to the country selected from London-based Euromoney authority, per source of Kan­bawza Bank’s announcement. London-based Euromoney is the leading authority for world banking and finan­cial markets and evaluates international banking and businesses after meeting with representative authorities from world leading banks, commercial institutes and international investment markets and holding seminar and conference in countries all over the world including Myanmar. The aims of the prize are the deposit amount of people, first service of electronic payment gateway for e-commerce and online payment, the most profitable bank in the country, top lend­er for SMEs and diversifying its services through branches, the top private bank and taxpayer in the country and nourishing human devel­opment in banking sector. Moreover, the bank can offer banking service with the link of other hands within short time and it can hold the most market-shares in internation­al banking sector. Currently, KBZ has already opened 330 branches including 102 mini banks throughout the country, with the workforce of 14,000 staff members in banking business.

 Source : The traveller Vol 3, No.7  From July27  To August 2, 2015