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Telematics system will be installed on express buses and cargo trucks which run on Yangon- Mandalay Expressway, it is learnt. Ministry of Construction had instructed on 19 March, to install the system as of 1 April, 2015 to prevent accidents on the expressway. Despite the Min­istry’s instruction, car owners are not willing to install the system up to June due to high costs of installation. So, the installation charges will be borne by the government, it is learnt. The system can detect the over speed, reckless driving and over weight lorries. Moreover, the system can connect directly to express bus and can control the express bus. It can check the situation of drivers at steering, speed, brake and other information in five second for one time, it is learnt. -The system is operated with the cooperation of B Smart Co., Ltd., Maintenance of Public Con­struction, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Home Affair and Highway Police Force. There are over 15,000 vehicles running on the expressway daily, and only 200 trucks had installed the system, it is learnt.

  Source : The traveller Vol 3, No.7  From July27  To August 2, 2015