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Hotel constructions are permitted in accord with the former laws laid down by Hotels and Tourism Ministry and up to the end of June, the number of new hotel constructions is about 30, per source of Myanmar Hotel Entrepreneurs Association (Mandalay Zone). It is learnt that to the end of June 2015, Hotels and Tourism Directorate permitted hotels and guest houses are 156 having 6,345 rooms in Mandalay. ” Currently, we still permit like the former hotel construction law and so rule and regulations are the same. Up to the end of June, we have submitted for new 30 hotels,” said U Myint Aung, Chairman of the Association. Because of flourishing hotels, there will be no shortage of hotel room in peak season. With the nation-wide figure, from May to the end of June 2015, issued 17 hotel licences. Foreigners come to eye on investment including hotel business in Mandalay. If a hotel is to be set up in Mandalay cultural zone, recommendation of respective ministry is required.

 Source : The traveller Vol 3, No.7  From July27  To August 2, 2015