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Amidst Myeik Islands, a heart-shaped lake on the Kyatmauk Island is attracting local travIlers and Thai tourist. The island is 120-acre wide and in the centre 300ft diameter wide heart-shaped lake is located. It is in Zadetgyi Village Track, at 28 miles south east of Kawthaung Town. In the Myeik archipelago , significant island worth to visit is Thahtey Is-land and later in these days, vacationers come to interest Kyatmauk Island, per source of an official from Hotels and Tourism Directorate (Myeik Department). ” Here, there are many Thai tour agencies and manyThailanders come to visit there whereas there are still a few Myanmar owned tourist companies. Kyat-mauk Island is the latest popular resort. Spe-cial permission is required for foreigners; local visitors can go to everywhere except prohibit-ed area; transportation is difficult,” he said.

Now, local tour agencies sell tour tickets for Kawthaung, Ranong (Thailand), Thahtey Island and additional Kyatmauk Island where they enjoy scuba diving and natural scenic beauty.

  Source : The traveller Vol 3, No.7  From July27  To August 2, 2015