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As per record, dead toll of people in road accidents reached to 11.8% on daily basis all over Myanmar and the dead toll jumped from 3,700 to 4,200 in a year. At the end of 2014 about 290,000 vehicles including 25,000 commuter buses were registered in Yangon area. The casualties are caused by the drivers’ failure to abide by the traffic rules and regulations. The jaywalkers and the reckless drivers on the roads are leading to the cars accidents. These faults came out as the major factors to mounting casualty rate of road accidents, said U Hla Thaung Myint, the vice chairman of the Central Vehicle Control Committee. “Not following the traffic rules and regulations turns out to be the salient factor to cause more and more road accidents these days. The commuters who cross the roads and the drivers who drive the cars should abide by all these traffic rules,” he added. Within first two weeks of June, 12 road accidents occurred and 2 persons died and 22 injured from these road accidents as of the data from the Committee. According to the Committee, there are 116 complaints for taking more bus fare in May alone. At present in Yangon, the number of casualty from road accidents rises, the over-charge of the bus fare and the rude behaviours of the conductors should be properly solved by the Mathatha(central). Although there are ‘traffic education talks’ programmes, practical actions are weak, one Yangon resident claimed.

Source : The Traveller Vol 3, No.6 From July20 To 26, 2015