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The lack of electricity at night in Yangon added to the cause of the 60% road accidents, said U Ba Myint, the secretary of All Bus Lines Control Committee (Yangon Region). Road accidents often occurred at night, mainly because of the lack of electricity on the roads, dim electric lamp-posts and dark areas with the poor electricity supply.They are the salient factors for the road accidents at night, he emphasized. “Most road accidents happened in the areas where the electricity supply is poor or insufficient for the drivers to see things on the roads clearly. The lack of lamp-post lights at night results road accidents for about 60%. The rest depends on the drivers’ fault and weakness of abiding by the traffic rules. It is terribly dangerous for all drivers for not having enough light on the roads at night. Besides robberies occurred in the dark,” he added. At present, most road accidents are caused by Dyna and BM buses and motor-cyclists in Yangon and some buses are not permitted to drive at night. In May, 2015, 6 persons died and 79 injured on the roads, he explained.

 Source : The Traveller Vol 3, No.6 From July20 To 26, 2015