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The Myanmar Government has declared a state of emergency in the Kokang Self-Administered Region in the Northern Shan State in northern Myanmar and martial law was imposed on 17 February 2015. A state of emergency in Rakhine State in western Myanmar, which the Myanmar Government declared in June 2012, also remains in place.  Singaporeans are therefore advised to avoid non-essential travel to the Northern Shan State and the Rakhine State.

Due to the uncertain security situation in some parts of Myanmar, particularly the eastern border regions, travellers to Myanmar are advised to monitor local news and developments, take necessary precautions for personal safety, and purchase comprehensive travel and medical insurance with an option for medical evacuation.  They should check with their insurers if in doubt on the terms and conditions of their insurance coverage.  Travellers are also advised to avoid crowded public areas and be vigilant at all times.

There continue to be restrictions for travellers to visit some parts of Myanmar.  Travellers should check the website of the Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism ( for the updated list of permitted areas in the country.



Travel to Myanmar [Updated: 17 February 2015]