This is the Right Time Myanmar Travel companies should go to the US.

Tourism in Myanmar has been hampered by many factors – Boycotts, regional conflicts, embergos, unrest, lack of stability and the last but not the least virus and diseases. Hotels and tour companies have been striving for market share from neighboring countries who are giants and regional hubs with 100 times higher tourist arrivals. Tourism companies has been visiting Berlin repeatedly to win European tourists as the North American market is not so favorable to sanctioned Myanmar at that time.

Now that the President of the United States has visited Myanmar (even stayed in Naypyidaw), we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The fruit of steering the course onto Democracy, US business have been eyeing Myanmar as untapped last remaining market in the South East Asia. As the country opens up, variety of tourism services entered Myanmar to help promote to the strangers’ market in the North America. Solimar International is one of them who signed a contract to promote Myanmar Tourism in the North America. The percentage of arrivals from the US constitutes 30% on a Visa Processing site –

For a company based in the US, it is not difficult to open a representative office for Myanmar Tourism Federation and help it with the online presence (an Indian company found on Freelancer will definitely charge around 5000$ per year for fairly successful ranking web site with PR and CRM systems) . According to the contract, it will help Myanmar SME tourism companies to connect to American Outbound counterparts. That is why the time is now for Myanmar Tourism companies to make a trip to the US and get the help of Solimar International via Myanmar Tourism Federation and Ministry of Hotels and Tours.

For your information, Don Hawkin is the Chairman of Solimar International who is seen together with Chairman of Myanmar Tourism Marketing Committee of MTF.

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Myanmar Travel Advisory (Singapore)

The Myanmar Government has declared a state of emergency in the Kokang Self-Administered Region in the Northern Shan State in northern Myanmar and martial law was imposed on 17 February 2015. A state of emergency in Rakhine State in western Myanmar, which the Myanmar Government declared in June 2012, also remains in place.  Singaporeans are therefore advised to avoid non-essential travel to the Northern Shan State and the Rakhine State.

Due to the uncertain security situation in some parts of Myanmar, particularly the eastern border regions, travellers to Myanmar are advised to monitor local news and developments, take necessary precautions for personal safety, and purchase comprehensive travel and medical insurance with an option for medical evacuation.  They should check with their insurers if in doubt on the terms and conditions of their insurance coverage.  Travellers are also advised to avoid crowded public areas and be vigilant at all times.

There continue to be restrictions for travellers to visit some parts of Myanmar.  Travellers should check the website of the Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism ( for the updated list of permitted areas in the country.



Travel to Myanmar [Updated: 17 February 2015]

Business Visa

Jade trader examining a raw jade stone

Jade trader examining a raw jade stone,

Myanmar Business Visa for International Arrivals in Bagan

Myanmar Business Visa for International Arrivals in Bagan – Archaeological City

Business Visa for meetings, investment, banking, finance, oil and gas, consultancy, Management technologies, ICT, communication, property, immigration, UMFCCI, Chamber of Commerce, DICA, Myanmar

Business Visa for meetings, investment missions, banking, finance, oil and gas, consultancy, Management technologies, ICT, communication, property, immigration, UMFCCI, Chamber of Commerce, DICA,

Business Visa Online

You can now get your Myanmar Business Visa within a few hours before arriving at Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw Airport. This Business Visa is stamped on your passport on arrival. This will save your precious time waiting for visa at Myanmar Embassy and wait for 2 days in order to apply for a business visa.

Tourist Visa vs. Business Visa

A tourist visa will allow you to stay up for up to 28 days in the country and you are not allowed to be involved in any commercial activities.

Foreigners who are interested to stay longer to do business, work or invest in Myanmar are advised to enter the country on a  business visa. If you are opening a bank account or signing the lease for an office, people will take you seriously if you are on a business visa. If you are holding business visa, you are good to stay up to 70 days in Myanmar and you can engage in a restricted set of commercial activities that is stated in the business visa application. With a business visa, you can stay at your business associate’s house or at a company’s rented house.

If you want to get multiple entry business visa which is valid for 6 months, you must show on your passport that you have traveled Myanmar on 3 separate business visas previously. The multiple-entry business visa is also the basis that you apply for a long term stay permit later on.

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