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The biggest marathon of Myanmar will be held jointly by First Myanmar Investment (FMI) and Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC). It is learnt that for Yoma-Yangon  International Marathon Race, some roads will be closed for hours.

The race is on 11 January. The race will run along Kyakkasan, Laydaunkan, Waizayanta, Baho, Min Dama, Insein, Inya, Pyay, Kyeemyindaing Kannar Roads and old Strand Road will be temporarily closed from 4:00 to 11:00 am (estimation) for half of road or the whole road.

For such closure, sign boards and signals will be erected. Moreover, traffic discipline and road discipline units and police force units will manage the roads systematically.

The first prize for 42-kilometre race is US$ 2700, second US$ 1400 and third US$ 900. The first prize of 21-kilometre is US$ 1600, second US$ 900 and third US$ 500. The first prize for 10-kilometre is US$ 800, second US$ 400, and US$ 250 for third.

The race is held with the sponsorshio of International Marathon Celebration Committee with the aim to understand Myanmar heritage and natural beauty from nternational.

The entance fee collected from the race will be donated to Day Child Care School and Thuka Yeikmyon Child Development Welfare and Monywa Orphanage Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association.

Source : The traveller Vol 2, No.30