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While tender bidding to hire State-owned hotels to private, rules and disciplines to abide will be strict, per source of the Tender Invitation Board of Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

In the past, among tender applicants, the highest bidder was selected. Whereas now rules are to be stern and only if they follow, hotel will be transferred, it is learnt.

“Ministry owned hotels are now invited for tender. But we announce rules specially. This is because we have encountered many examples. We don’t say all. Some said variety while bidding tender and after winning tender, they altered as they liked. So we mention rules simultaneously,” said a responsible officer from the Ministry.

However, some rules are described in tender like that among permitted license holders, if some are found that they do not follow In accordance with disciplines, licence will be cancelled.

In the State owned newspaper, rules are mentioned :

1.Recommendation for clear personal history
2. Profiles of respective named company
3. Extended investment plan for hotel
4. Assurance to pay from bank which the owner joins if the hirer does not deposit the proposed value
5. Statement about period to be settled capital on proposed value and profit
6. No another application after changing name of the hirer renting currently department owned hotels
7.Tender winner must pay stamp duty for hotel renting agreement
8.Tender winner must as a whole pay rate which is equal to one year renting amount as deposit fee within fixed period to nominated bank account.

Source : The traveller Vol 2, No.30