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The draft plan for building the Tada-U hotel zone in Kadosaik village, Tada-U Township, Kyaukse District, Mandalay Region is finished in the coming 2015, said the President U Myint Aung of Mandalay hotel zone.
The drawing of draft plan is cooperated between Myanmar Tourism Association and Strength United Myanmar Co., Ltd. resided in Singapore.
“The draft plan is already completed. So we continue to draw the Master Plan. This plan will be started to implement in 2015,” said U Myint Aung.
The Tada-U hotel zone is situated 15 miles away from Mandalay and stated to implement in the end fo 2014 which is the start of the tourism season of 2015-16. The hotel zone will be wide 5488 acres and now the businesses are submitting the proposals for buying the land and building the hotels.

Source : The traveller Vol 2, No.30