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The project of transporting the cable car along the Zwegabin mountain in Kayin State will be started in the second week of February, 2015, said the monk Ashin Badana Kawidaza from Zwegabin mountain.
The project is supported USD 13 million by the Japan government and need to pay back after 20 years then the project will take two years.
“The responsible persons from Japan are arriving in Myanmar for this project. They will come to us within two weeks, so the project will be started to begin in 2015,” he said. The cable car will be generated by wind-power and the whole mountain can get the electricity. It can carry 50 Company came on 11 July, people per car and two will 2014 and requested the monk be equipped for going up and to build the cable car down.
The Japan government association and Toshiba Company came on 11 July, 2014 and requested the monk to build the cable car.

Source : The traveller Vol 2, No.30