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Pho Win Taung region in Monywa Township, Sagaing Region is crowded with foreign tourists and local visitors every year, be regarded as a new resort, announced by the Union Minister for Hotels and Tourism.
“The tourism sector needed to develop as the cultural heritage are existing in Harnlin Pyu and Alaungdaw Kathapa and the tourists are interested to visit these places. The cooperation between private tourism and the Ministry is required to improve the standard of these places. The local and foreign travellers to Pho Win Taung region are increasing year after year. The tourism sector is in a great potential as the new trip plan will be observed,” said businessmen at the Win Unity Resort Hotel in Monywa on 5 July, 2014.
There are a lot of places which attract the foreign and local travellers in Pho Win Taung region and the travellers are delighted to ride around the city on horse-drawn carts. Locals can have opportunities for better earnings.
Pho Win Taung situated on the way to Yinmabin Town from Monywa was established last 900 years ago and famous as the ancient historical mountain. There are forty thousand Buddha images, ancient paintings and handicraft in Pho Win Taung. Pho Win Taung pagoda festival is held from 8th waxing day of Dazaungmone (in November) till the full moon day.
Source from traveller journal, 14 to 20 – July,2014