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The tourist arrivals and local travellers will be raised up to 20.4 million and 29.3 million respectively after the Myanmar Tourism Master Plan project is implemented in 2030, estimated by JICA.
Tourism Master Plan is started to implement to attract the tourists to visit and used up to US$ 486.60 million then in 2030, the tourist arrivals will be improved to 7 million numbers, announced by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism (MOHT).
There were 300,000 staff members working in the tourism sector in 2013. At the start of Tourism Master Plan and in 2020, the staff force will be increased up to 1.49 million numbers.
Myanmar Tourism Master Plan is drawn in cooperation of MOHT, Norway government, Asia Development Bank and project team leader Dr. Paulraw Gars. The project will start to implement In 2013 then six strategies are laid down for the successful of the project.
The main project is operating as short term plan from 2013 to 2015 and as long term plan is from 2013 to 2030.
The vital sectors in the project included the facts of upgrading the quality of service, planning the trip systematically, planning and preventing the rituals, improving the quality of products and developing the infrastructure of tourism related businesses.
The hotels number is raised up to 1000 numbers with 38,722 rooms to meet the demand of visitors in May, 2014.
Source from traveller journal, 14 to 20,July,2014