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Most of the tourists are interested to buy the Myanmar traditional handicraft, paintings and traditional handmade paintings at the souvenir shops. The shop owners submitted at the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism to lay down a system for the convenient of shipping the gifts to the buyers’ home countries smoothly. Souvenir sale proceeds increased more than the estimated in 2013-14 financial year, read at the website of the Ministry.
Depending on the level of tourist arrivals, the souvenir shops will be extended to open and upgraded the quality of products and service then designed as one stop service.
The tourist arrival will be raised up to 3 million in 2014 estimated by the Ministry, the income of souvenir shops are also increased than the previous year.
“In Bagan, lacquerware traditional handicraft and sand paintings are most popular and these are easy to pack and carry if it is in normal size. But they are reluctant to buy big lacquerwares as these are difficult to carry. In this case, they order the sellers to pack and ship by air to the destination which they mention by giving all packing charges and shipment costs. But we are unable to accept the buyers’ order, because we have no facilities for foreign shipments,” said Ko Lwin from a painting shop in Bagan.
The national income in government organizations is increasing up to US$ 192.883 million in 2013, US$ 237.221 million in 2014 by the tourism sector.
Source from traveller, 14 to 20,July,2014