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The direct landing of aircrafts in UK, USA, Luxembourg and Butan will be chanced in 2015 by amending the terms and conditions of existing contracts, announced by the Department of Civil Aviation.
“We are arranging to sign the contract with these four countries in the coming year. If the contracting process with other countries is completed earlier, we will continue to contract with these countries. The time for contracting with these countries are different. We will renew the old contracts by including some terms to be relevant with the current situation. After signing the contracts, the airline companies will get more opportunities,” said the Deputy Director General U Nay Win of DCA.
In the past, only one airline was allowed to fly between these countries and renewing terms include to fly without limiting the number of airlines, single designation is substituted by multiple designations.
After 2010, some contracts were already signed between Myanmar and other countries but some terms and conditions included in the contracts are not relevant with the current situation.
DCA has amended the contract with Japan on 1 February 2014 and Myanmar airlines can land directly on Japan airports.
The discussion between Philippines was held in May 2014, then the contract will be modified.
There are eight local airlines in Myanmar in 2012. 22 international airlines existed in Myanmar, then four airlines namely Nok Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Bangladesh Airline, Tiger Airways are extended to fly in 2013, so the total increased up to 26 airlines, according to DCA announcement.
Source from traveller, 14 to 20-July,2014