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The passengers are more relied on trains for local transportation, so the Ministry of Rail Transportation had purchased 20 numbers of RBE trains including 10 aircon from Japan had arrived Yangon since May, announced by Myanma Railways.
The traffic jam problem can be solved by increasing the number of trains in Yangon and the transportation system will be more effective. By enhancing the number of trains, the traffic jam problem will be overcome in the future.
The RBE trains will be tested the engine and strength then announced which routs will be used to transport and the times of transportation.
At present, there are 100,000 passengers use the train for city transportation. Japan will help to improve the train transportation system in Yangon for the relying by all 3 million people in Yangon next 20 years.
The Ministry will extend five new railway tracks in Yangon in coming 2040 and the total number of railway lines will be increased up to 8 numbers, 350 km in length.
Speedy underground train and sky train wil i be constructing in coming 2025 continuously.
Source from traveller, 14 to 20-July,2014